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Sedation can be defined as the experience of decreased agitation, sensory input, and alertness which occurs under the influence of certain drugs. Depending on the level of intensity, it results in feelings of general relaxation and a loss of energy. This effect differs itself from sleepiness outright for its physical over mental effect.

In terms of response to sensory input, sedation can broken down into four separate levels which are defined below:

  1. Minimal sedation - At this level, one will respond normally to verbal/tactile stimuli despite feeling a little sedated.
  2. Moderate sedation - At this level, one will respond to verbal/tactile stimulation only if it is particularly prominent or above usual noise levels.
  3. Deep sedation - At this level, one will respond only to repeated or painful stimulation.
  4. General anesthesia - At this level, one is unarousable even with repeated painful stimulus.

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