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The image above represents how a person under the influence of this component would view themselves as an organism. This is often described as being a singular structure which stretches through the physical dimension of time alongside of all other identically behaving structures which the universe as a whole is entirely comprised of.

Perception of eternalism can be described as a drastic alteration in one's perception of the flow of time. During this state of mind, it feels that all events or points across the timeline of existence are equally "real" and occurring simultaneously, perpetually and eternally alongside of each other. This is in stark contrast to the commonly held perception of daily living which feels as if it is only the present that is "real" whilst the past is over and the future is yet to manifest.

The experience of this component results in feelings of time as just another physical dimension which has no objective or directional flow. Despite this, however, it does not allow one to directly connect their experiences and memories to future events which have not yet occurred. This is felt to be because (despite the apparent illusory nature of past, present and future) cause and effect is still in place and thus logic dictates that we can only experience life one frame at a time using information which was "previously" acquired from prior events.

A common conclusion that is often reached during the experience of this state is that although one's life will inevitably end, it will occur forever within its own time frame and is therefore perpetual despite not being infinite in length. Although this experience can occur on classic psychedelics like DMT and mescaline, it is most commonly and consistently experienced with psilocin, ayahuasca and LSD.

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