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Hey, welcome to my Profile. I am a relatively new member of this community. Before I have only read many of the articles on PsychonautWiki.

Now, after a year of testing a huge number of psychoactive substances (like 15-20 I think) and after a few years reading every information out there over substances I will contribute to this Wiki with my gained knowledge, and I hope my knowledge is a useful contribution.

Because I have work as a Software Developer I don't have much time to contribute to a huge bunch of things, but I will do my best and hope it gets "accepted".

And one funfact: I am a german, have ADHD and a bit autism diagnosed. So don't wonder if my texts maybe sound sometimes a bit "weird" :)

So, let's start with by psychoactive past year. It's difficult to remember to all of these substances, so maybe I will update this table later.

Consumed psychoactive substances [End 2021 - December 2023]

Legend: I will rate these drug classes and drugs with my subjective rating (where I rate my personal "high" of this substance). [0-10] - 0 = very bad; 10 = very good.

Tried substances sorted by Psychoactive Class - RC = Research Chemical
Stimulants [5] Benzodiazepines [1-2] Entactogens [9] Dissoziatives [7] Opioids [9] Psychidelics [8] Gabapentinoid Other [1-3]
Dexamphetamine [7] Bromazolam - RC [2]*3 MDMA [10] 3-MeO-PCE [8] Tramadol [9]*4 5-MeO-DMT - RC [9] Pregabalin [4]*8 THC [4]*9
Lisdexamphetamine [4-5] Lorazepam [2] 6-APB - RC [10] 3-HO-PCP [7] Hydromorphone [9] 4-HO-MET - RC [9]*7 Promethazine [1]*10
α-PiHP [2] Clonazepam [1] Tramadol (partially) [9]*4 Deschloroketamine (DCK) - RC [7] Oxycodone [9] 4-AcO-MET - RC [9]*7 Mirtazapine [3]*11
Methylphenidate [3] Diazepam [1] 3F-PCP - RC [6] Diacetylmorphine [8] 2C-B [7] SSRI [0]
Bupropion [1] Alprazolam [1] Ketamine [5] Codeine [3-4] 1P-LSD - RC [6]
Caffeine [0-1]*1 Flualprazolam [2]*12 N2O/Nitrous [3-4]*5 Tapentadol [4] LSD [6]
Cocaine [0-1]*2 Etizolam [2] Kratom [2-3]
NEP [6] Tilidine [0-1]*6
  1. Too much anxiety and it's a weird "upper" feeling which strains the heart
  2. Tried a few times, I feel nearly nothing, and when I feel sth. it's for like 5 minutes, and it's way too expensive
  3. Good for Stimulant comedown, but I get often nearly no effects or paradoxical effects from Benzodiazepines, which is very uncomfortable, and Bromazolam has a half-life with likely 15-20 hours. Yeah, I don't like benzos
  4. I really like Entactogens and Tramadol, which is an Opioid but also a moderate Entactogen due to it's serotonergic effects, and I love this feeling.
  5. The 20-second long rush is nice, but this is a way too short duration for me
  6. Opioids which are mixed with Naloxone (Opioid Antagonist) have no euphoria or any of the other good opioid-effects (tried 400mg/16mg Naloxone), even on Oxycodone/Naloxone Pills I have no euphoria at all. Maybe I'm a high-responder for Naloxone
  7. I love this Psychidelic, and with MDMA/6-APB mixed It's really a wonderful dream i will never forget :D
  8. It's the best substance for Stimulant comedown in my opinion. Benzos only stop the Racing-Thoughts (this is good) and suppresses any emotions (imho this is bad). Pregabalin isn't as addictive/habit-forming and if I take 300-600mg the comedown is gone and even euphoria is there. Seizure from 1.500mg, therefore that bad rating.
  9. In the beginning of THC-Consume it was really nice because of the strong Psychedelic-Effects. Now I get only hungry and sedated which is really boring. Therefore I don't consume it anymore
  10. Consumed it two times, on both sessions we took really too much, therefore this was my only two Deliriant experiences, which are really bad! No fun and therefore I won't consume Deliriants anymore. PS: The body load can become really uncomfortable in high doses, non-scratchable places in your arms, legs and everywhere
  11. Medication for sleep, which helps me but it has no high
  12. On 1mg very amnesic and hypnotic. I took it one time, and forgot the next 24 hours. Dangerous and strong substance.

PS: I'm german. So there can be mistakes in correctly writing english.