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An interesting drug. Took 65mg by mouth. Smoked a blunt with about 45mg in it which felt nice. Then smoked a decent amount out of an oil burner until we were very dissociated by not holed. I could have holed but it felt nice. Then proceeded to have sex for quite a while. After a few hours started to come down and played a few video games then went to bed for the night. We had planned on just lying in bed but my wife became very horny. It was a clean uncut batch without the pyros in it. It was large clear to white crystals. If I dosed just by mouth I would have taken way more, but it was the first time I tried this substance. I have never written a trip report but I felt that there was little information on Fluorexetamine so I figured I should add to the research. The experience probably lasted about two hours but we hit the oil burner several times. Probably consumed a total of 250mg between the two of us I’m just guessing because it looks like half a 500mg bag is left.

I smoked a fat chunk of FXE out of a little oil rig in my frieds car. It was cut with some kind of stim and it had me geeking.smoking it gives a decemt rush. We were driving to pick up some tar dope and I took a couple bars with some shrooms. We smoked a blunt and we all took turns smoking tar out of the rig. It helped a lot with my comedown and I felt pretty good the next morning. I did notice I was fiending for more fxe and heroin. thc gummy bears and some kendrick lamar was all I had to get me thru work though