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1,4-Butanediol +exact toxic dosage is unknown  +
1B-LSD +extremely low toxicity relative to dose  +
1P-ETH-LAD +toxic dose is unknown  +
1P-LSD +extremely low toxicity relative to dose  +
2-Aminoindane +exact toxic dosage is unknown  +
2-FA +exact toxic dosage is unknown  +
2-FEA +exact toxic dosage is unknown  +
2-FMA +exact toxic dosage is unknown  +
2-Fluorodeschloroketamine +exact toxic dosage is unknown  +
25B-NBOH +potentially fatal at heavy dosages  +
25B-NBOMe +potentially fatal at heavy dosages  +
25C-NBOH +potentially fatal at heavy dosages  +
25C-NBOMe +fatal at heavy dosages  +
25I-NBOH +potentially fatal at heavy dosages  +
25I-NBOMe +potentially fatal at heavy dosages  +
25N-NBOMe +potentially fatal at heavy dosages  +
2C-B +toxic dose is unknown  +
2C-B-FLY +toxic dose is unknown  +
2C-C +toxic dose is unknown  +
2C-D +toxic dose is unknown  +
2C-E +toxic dose is unknown  +
2C-H +toxic dose is unknown  +
2C-I +toxic dose is unknown  +
2C-P +toxic dose is unknown  +
2C-T-2 +no negative health effects attributed to trying this drug  +