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I contribute scientific documentation to the subjective effect index (also found at

I’m formally schooled in Biomolecular Engineering and have worked in various research chemistry labs. My interest in this project stems from a metaphysical and aesthetic inquiry into differing states of reality.

Check out my simplified systematic reviews

Psychedelics May Aid in Deprogramming Addiction
Understanding Ego Death’s Neurobiology
Hallucinations and the Psychedelic Visual Experience
Psychedelics: A Possible Unique Nootropic for Creativity

Support me now adding science to all of human subjectivity!

Ethereum Address: grahamxreed.tokenid.eth


Visual Other senses Cognitive Physical Uncomfortable physical
Enhancements Auditory Enhancements Enhancements Cardiovascular
Suppressions Tactile Suppressions Suppressions Cerebrovascular
Distortions Disconnective Novel Alterations Bodily
Geometry Multisensory Psychological
Hallucinatory states Transpersonal

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