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I'm interested in this new research chemical


First time looking for information about RC MXPr


There is a lack of information about this chemical that is classified as a dissociative. The experiences of those who have tested it are needed as well as any other psychedelic effects. My own experience has not been positive one, however I double dosed because I thought the first dose of 40mg orally was not doing anything for me so at two hours after the first dose, I took another 60mgs. I was a very strange experience and trying communicate via typing became impossible. I couldn't figure out the simplest tasks like which letter on my keyboard I should use. For example how to make the sound of the letter "F". I was not able to find which letter I should use, however using voice to text was easier because I could still speak and I thought I was making sense. I'm going to review my report and try this again and not double dose.