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I have first-hand experience with a significant number of substances from all major drug classes. The ones I recall the best are listed below. I've also spent considerable time researching the various pharmacological actions of many of these drugs and have a solid understanding of their mechanism to the extent understood by the scientific community.

Most of the drugs I've tried I experimented with during a period of bad self-discipline, I now only take a select few which I've found to suit my goals, chemistry and tastes well.


Name Notes
25I-NBOMe I've had a few experiences but no longer use it because of the fatalities which are truly tragic (and somewhat mysterious, which is a cause of concern). Thinking of them (which I do almost every time I think about the substance) consistently puts me in a really sad mood, further decreasing my desire to take the substance.
  • On one of my first 3-4 experiences (750mcg nasally) I experienced very strong feelings of predeterminism which was very uncomfortable, this might have been triggered by listening to an Alan Watts lecture in a completely dark room, with nothing but a visualization of the sound wave on the computer screen.
  • On a later experience (my last, 1mg nasally) I completely lost my shit. I was afraid I had done a fatal mistake with dosage (I hadn't, I knew I couldn't have since I used the same 2.5mg/ml intranasal solution as on previous trips) when I experienced stronger effects than expected. I was practically ready to call an ambulance but was luckily stopped by my friends (same dosage) who all probably though I had finally gone insane. 2-3h into the trip I calmed down because I realized that whatever death was it couldn't be worse than the fear of it. During the entire trip I saw the same Z shaped fractal which my account is named after (yet it wasn't really Z shaped, it's just the closest approximation I can describe. I was unable to recreate it on paper after the trip). It filled up my entire vision, my friends irises all took the shape of it, then their eyes, then their faces, then their heads, then the rest of my visual field after which details started appearing again and the cycle started all over again. I closed my eyes while I layed in bed and saw how a small bright point of light exploded into everything, slowly fading into nothingness, and right before it was all nothing, a small bright light appeared again, and it repeated itself over and over while I experienced a sort of euphoria from some strange perception that nothing is the absence of everything. It all stopped as soon as I opened my eyes.
25I-NBOH Shorter lasting than 25I-NBOMe with less body load, also less potent. Haven't tried dosages above 1mg buccal (HCl, not complexed with cyclodextrin).
DMT Non-breakthrough only


Name Notes
JWH-203 This one I found after searching for a similar substance to JWH-250, it shared some of the qualities I was intrigued by and is definitely an unusually interesting cannabinoid. Not addictive, if anything it is anti-addictive from consistently thinking "I probably shouldn't be doing this" while under the influence.
JWH-250 One of the first synthetics I tried. There was something very special about this one (not just that it was one of the first), very creative. A real shame it isn't available anymore. Not at all addictive IME.


Name Notes
MXE Low doses reverses tolerance to stimulants and GABAergics but safety concerns might prevent this from being a sustainable solution. Not at all recreational (IME/IMO).
Salvia One of my most fucked up experiences, if not the most fucked up experience. Hardly addictive, definitely not "fun".


Name Notes
2-FA Non-recreational use only
4-FA Non-recreational use only
Amphetamine Non-recreational use only
Ethylphenidate Non-recreational use primarily
Methylphenidate Non-recreational use primarily, the first catecholaminergic stimulant I tried.
Methylone Taking it with a partner makes conversation very easy and rewarding. Supposedly smoother than MDMA which would make it better suited for therapeutic purposes.
MDPV Protip: Don't


Name Notes
Etizolam Low-dose and non-recreational use only. I really don't see how people enjoy this recreationally.