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Microdosing refers to taking a small dose of a psychedelic or other compounds, well below the threshold of the evident effects usually associated with the drug, while going about ones daily activities. At this level there are no psychoactive effects, or even immediately obvious effects. It instead becomes more of a mild stimulant or nootropic in nature. It is important to note that while one may not feel any particular drug effects at sub-threshold doses, but at the end of the day could notice that it was a particularly productive, ejoyable day in which one felt happy, focused and capable.


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Routes of administration

Main article: Routes of administration

The method in which a substance has been ingested can greatly impact the potency, duration, and overall experience of a drug. There are also certain health issues associated with some routes of administration.


Frequently insufflating (snorting) substances can damage one's mucous membranes, induce bleeding, damage the nostril's cartilage and lining, burn the throat, and cause other trauma to the nasal passage and sinus area.[1] To reduce damage, it is recommended to grind the substance completely before use, alternate nostrils, and to only insufflate infrequently.[2]


Sublingual administration refers to the absorption under the tongue which can result in a faster absorption than oral use.[3] Caustic substances such as quetiapine or phenibut should not be used sublingually because they can burn the inside of one's mouth if left in one spot for too long.


Smoking any substance is harmful to the lungs. It is especially not advised to smoke pills because they usually contain fillers, dyes, binders, waxes, and buffers which may increase the risk of lung damage.[4]

Intravenous (IV)

Intramuscular (IM)

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