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bk2cb is way more intense physically than 2cb it is

its moving spontaneous sharp location specific

it originates from and moves from the back of ones head and across the limbs

it originates from back of head and limps eupphoria of bodyhigh is based on mental state

geometry is intricare, remains consistent in style, algorythmic, dimly lit, multicoloured, glossy over flat, sharp edges, small in sizes, slow in movement, consistent in intensity geometry is thing and detailed

They give off a contradictory natural and synthetic feel to them that at higher dosages are significantly more likely to re

driftinging is slow in speed, smooth in motion, realistic in appaearance

geometry felt like it was staring at the internal networking of some kind of bigger picture

like the mother board of a computer

Subjective effects

The effects listed below are based upon the subjective effects index and personal experiences of PsychonautWiki contributors. The listed effects will rarely (if ever) occur all at once, but heavier dosages will increase the chances and are more likely to induce a full range of effects.

Physical effects

The physical effects of 2C-B can be broken down into several components which progressively intensify proportional to dosage. These are described below and generally include:

  • Spontaneous tactile sensations - The "body high" of 2C-B is not necessarily one of the most intense, but is instead one of the most complex compared to other psychedelics, sharing components of MDMA, 2C-E, and LSD. This is first characterized by an intense soft warm glow that grows over the body and is capable of becoming extremely physically euphoric. This is most similar to MDMA and is consistently manifested throughout the experience. This is contrasted by an intensely pleasurable yet sharp, cold electric tingling sensation which moves up and down the body. This is most similar to LSD and is also consistently manifested throughout the trip. The final physical effect noticed throughout the experience is an intense and slightly uncomfortable, energetic pins and needles sensation that manifests itself in the form of a continuously shifting and tingling sensation that travels up and down the body in spontaneous waves. This is most similar to 2C-E and is not entirely consistent throughout the trip.
  • Stimulation - In terms of its effects on the physical energy levels of the tripper, 2C-B is usually considered to be very energetic and stimulating in a fashion that is quite comparable to that of MDMA.
  • Nausea - Mild to extreme nausea is reported when consumed in moderate to high dosages and either passes once the tripper has vomited or gradually fades by itself as the peak sets in.
  • Bodily control enhancement
  • Tactile enhancement
  • Increased heart rate
  • Pupil dilation

Cognitive effects

The cognitive effects of 2C-B are often described by many as both insightful and relatively normal in their thought processes even at moderate to high dosages.

The total sum of these cognitive components regardless of the setting generally includes:

Visual effects


2C-B presents a full and complete array of possible visual enhancements which generally includes:


As for visual distortions and alterations, effects experienced are detailed below:


The visual geometry that is present throughout this trip is more similar in appearance to that of LSD than that of 2C-E, psilocin, or ayahuasca. They can be comprehensively described as unstructured in their organization, algorithmic in geometric style, intricate in complexity, large in size, fast and smooth in motion, colourful in scheme, glossy in colour, sharp in their edges and angular in their corners. They seem high in algorithmic visuals such as fractals and at higher dosages are significantly more likely to result in states of level 8A visual geometry over level 8B.

Hallucinatory states

Like LSD, while 2C-B is capable of producing a full range of low and high level hallucinatory states, this is extremely rare and inconsistent at higher levels but common at lower and generally includes the following effects:

  • Transformations
  • Internal hallucinations - Although 2C-B is technically capable producing of hallucinatory states in a fashion that is on par with psilocin or DMT in its vividness and intensity, in comparison, these effects are extremely rare and inconsistent. Whilst traditional psychedelics such as LSA, ayahuasca and mescaline will induce internal hallucinations near consistently at level 5 geometry and above, 2C-B will for most go straight into Level 8A visual geometry. This lack of consistently induced hallucinatory breakthroughs means that for some, 2C-B is simply not as deep of an experience as certain other psychedelics.

Auditory effects

The auditory effects of 2C-B are more common than some psychedelics in their occurrence and are capable of producing a full range of effects which commonly include:

Multi-sensory effects