Experience:FMA (37.5 mg, oral) - Never been this productive in my life

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Experience report - 2-FMA


  • Age: 17
  • Sex: Male
  • Height: 181cm
  • Weight: ~74
  • Date: 03/2020
  • Location: Sweden


I went kinda crazy writing this all, I really do not expect anyone to read this all, but if you do enjoy it and tell me how you liked it!

I’ve had it hard in school my entire life due to Autism and ADD that was undiagnosed for the most part of my life. I always had to fight extra to make it as far as other kids were, I could never concentrate, study or understand a lot of stuff. Always been behind. That I’ve made it this far without having to redo a grade is quite amazing, and I’m proud that I did it. Now I need something to study on, laws on Stimulants like Ritalin, vyvanse and such are hard and the process to get them seems really complicated, buying them illegally is expensive. Found 2FMA, and from reading up on it, it seems to do what classic Lisdexamfetamine or Dexamphetamine does but better for studying as the Euphoria isn’t as strong with a cleaner high. I’ve had past experiences with both Ritalin and Adderall before and the main problem was the euphoria, I would rather do other stuff then to study cause it kept distracting me.

My hopes for this drug is to have something I can use to study and catch up in school with 1 - 3 times a week.

Things that may effect my report: ADD, Autism, Depression, Anxiety, insomnia Smoked nicotine throughout it but not too much, and also past MDMA addiction if that makes any difference, maybe good to leave in here.


T:00:00 Took around 25mg orally, time is 09:55am, I'm going to have history class soon and I'm quite behind on a few things, hopefully I will concentrate and catch up on a lot of things.

T:00:20 My headspace is starting to change a little, sounds are more clear, my mind feels more clear. My body feels a bit nicer, but no real euphoria really. So far I'm gaining energy a little at the time, like a cup of coffe almost. Concentration feels a bit better but not super noticeable, I feel like I can multitask much easier though. Things might look a little brighter(?)

T:00:35 I got a bit of cognitive euphoria, I feel greater, concentration is better and energy but not by a LOT, feels like when you get an extremely good night of sleep and wake up feeling great. My legs are quite restless and I can't stop shaking them, this is normal for me but not to this degree. The comeup anxiety I had but didn't realize I had til' now is gone and I feel much calmer and better, while feeling energetic I also feel super calm and relaxed (Due to ADD possibly?). Standing up I realized it's really taking it's effects. Looking around feels a bit weird. So far this has really good potential.

T:00:40 Mom called and needed some help, walked over to their room and realized how good it feels to walk, walking feels euphoric and very good, this is something I get on all stims, especially Adderall where I prefer walking home over taking the bus (Takes around 2 hours to walk home) even thought I got problems with my feet that has me in pain all the time. One effect I'm not really getting is heightened socialbility, I'm very socially anxious, diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder, and a low level of Autism. On other Stims talking feels much easier where I can form words much easier and makes me want to talk with everyone, this has me maybe being a bit more active on discord, although I am coming up. We'll see if this changes. Won't be typing much til' a lot more happens as it's been 40 minutes and I've already typed quite a lot.

T:01:05 My history class has ended and now I have lunch, this isn't apetite suppressing at all almost, while I don't feel super hungry exactly I feel like I could still eat quite a lot, my energy levels are pretty high but not super forced like Adderall, but much higher then caffeine. It's extremely clean I would call it and feels very natural in comparisson, my focus during class wasn't the best but better then normal. Some things that were interesting I was super focused on but I kept losing focus to discord, social abilities are heightened by quite a bit but not close to Adderall, but a really comfortable amount. I get waves or small euphoria, they feel kinda cold but I know I'm not cold, my hands also feel very cold. But feeling at them they are warm. I'm not sweating but I feel really good. My leg shaking has gone and I almost feel a bit tired yet super awake(ADD?) I feel like I could sleep almost but I know I can't. Nicotine feels quite euphoric and very good with this. The urge to redose is pretty high, it's like that for all drugs I take, but I will keep the self control. After lunch I have math, don't have a lot of problems with math. I find it quite fun at times and I don't have any difficulties, although now when I'm at home I find myself not doing math since there's other things to do, so I usually end up doing very little and have to catch up on other clases. So let's see if I can finish up an entire page on math and be fully concentrated. For now I will try to eat, and listen to music and talk on discord. Things are definetly brigther, but different then Adderall, it has more of a yellow/orange tint to it. I will completely turn off all distractions and experience the full focus of this drug.

T:01:25 As I'm not where I want to be exactly and I should be peeking or be very close to the peek I redosed or around ~12.5mg give or take as I messed up splitting the other half in half. Maybe the pills aren't as potent, maybe it's just me, maybe it's supposed to be like this or it's cross-tolerance from my past MDMA addiction(?) I got no clue, but we'll see what good this redose does. But apart from that, I ended up only eating 2 simple sandwhiches with butter and cheese, will probably eat more later as I can eat more, but don't have anything I want to eat really. Music has an extra tone to it and my triplist sounds amazing (I'll leave the Spotify link at the bottom if anyone is interested, truly poured my heart out in choosing these songs :') ) Also my social ability isn't like adderall where I can't stop talking non stop, it's improved a bit but not by a lot. Tactile enchantment is pretty strong on this though, everything feels better, when turning on the TV to put music on it felt like the TV controller was greasy, I tried cleaning it, cleaning my hands until I realized it wasn't greasy, it just felt like that.

T:01:50 As the other dose starts to kick in very slowly again I'm finding myself zoning out a bit, we'll see how much this potanties the other. Hard to differ what I felt before and this one. I still feel pretty good. Laying down feels extremely relaxing and good.

T:01:55 It's now been 41 minutes exactly since I redosed and I don't feel a lot different, my body feels more euphoric, I feel a pressure on my head similair to other stims and my mind might be a bit clearer, I'm gonna start with the math before class so I can hopefully get into the concentration state before we start.

T:03:30 I just finished math class, and all I gotta say is. Holy fucking shit. In the beginning it was kinda slow and hard and I was slowly losing hope, but it's like somewhere in the middle a flip switched, now I am truly peeking. My jaw is moving, hard to controll. Maybe the redose was a mistake but I feel amazing. I got the math work done faster then anyone else, I thought I was behind but nope. The Euphoria is barely there but I feel amazing, it feels A LOT like classic Adderall at this point, I want to do more school stuff, I want to talk, want to walk and do everything. But it feels super natural, not remotely as forced as Adderall feels. Not for recreational but I very much prefer this over adderall. I will now continue studying other stuff I'm behind at in school and will update later. This drug is AMAZING.

T:03:38 I'm already beginning to come down, it's weird how it took so long to actually come up and I'm already coming down. I guess since I took quite a high dosage the comedown is going to be worse then normal, but this compared to stims like Adderall and Ritalin is nothing. I still feel awake, and quite happy, more social too then normally and my concentration is still much better then normal and I'm gonna keep studying, but the comedown feeling still reminds me a lot of more Ritalin then Adderall (I have worse comedown on Ritalin but this comedown is better then both Ritalin and Adderall) Where it feels like my heart is dropping to my stomach, and I feel a bit worse then I did on the peek. It feels like if I sticked to my original dosage or did less this comedown would've been practically 0. I'm not going to redose, I will ride this one out and prob take more the next week on a few school days, I will keep my intake around 1 - 3 times a week to keep my tolerance relatively low, and I can feel that I could get addicted to this substance due to my addictive personality, but not nearly as bad on Adderall or Ritalin. On those substances keeping myself from taking more is almost impossible, I do succedd but with a lot of effort, been practicing a lot of self control lately too so this may be a part of that.

T:04:00 I feel like the comedown effects are slowly dissapearing, the bad effects. But still leaving behind some stimulation and my concentration. This is amazing, I'm no longer "tweaking" as hard as I just was at the peek, I'm starting to feel my normal tiredness that I always feel normally, my appetite is coming back, where as I don't just FEEL like I can eat but I kinda do WANT to eat. I will continue studying though while I can and save the eating to later. Also the type of music I'm listening to greatly effects my mood, calm slow beats makes me feel sad, while high tempo ones makes me happy, so currently am listening to my Hardstyle playlist (Can also leave the link for this one further down)

T:05:00 As the comedown continues I'm starting to feel more and more normal, still getting a bit of a comedown anxiety but nothing too bad at all, my focus is still better then normal, due I am a bit more unsocial due to the comedown effects making me a bit depressed. Nothing too bad though, still talking quite a lot on discord, being active on snap and such. On Adderall and Ritalin comedown I would just isolate myself in my bed depressed not wanting or being able to do anything. Going to keep studying while I got this focus left, I've gotten more done today that I have in years or maybe even ever. Also stil feeling both tired and energetic at the same time, almost like the feeling you have when you're extremely sleep deprived, which is not weird as I've overworked my brain quite a lot today. Don't think sleeping tonight using my sleep medication is going to be a big problem at all, we'll see.

T:08:00 I’ve got a lot of work done and I’d say it’s a very successful day. I have almost lost all the effects at this point, my concentration is basically back to normal, my thoughts are not racing anymore, I am feeling very clear headed though and calm. Also am feeling very tired for overworking my brain this much, normally I would never be able to get this much stuff done. Socially I am worse cause of the comedown and the comedown is doing it’s part. It’s a bit harder then I read it would be but not nearly as hard as other drugs once again like Ritalin and Adderall. For the past 2 hours I’ve also been battling quite a lot of Stomach pains that came from me barely eating anything throughout the day, I whipped up a smoothie and that pretty much solved it. Only thing left is to see how sleeping is tonight, will it be hard or easy? I am very tired so hopefully it won’t be too hard.

T:09:00 I would now officially say it’s over, I feel a tiny bit stimmy, a tiny bit tactile enhancement and I’m still playing around with my mouth and jaw a tiny bit but that’s just the after effects lingering. I will write before I go to sleep and tomorrow in the morning about how I feel and write a overall summary.

T:12:35 I’m about to go to sleep, took my melatonin around 30 mins ago, I’m supposed to take it at 9 every night, but felt so ill I thought I would puke if I took it. It’s feeling better then last time though and all I’m feeling now is that my legs are still a tiny bit sensitive and euphoric (Normal with all drugs, my legs are usually the first thing that gets euphoric and it lasts for a long time) Right now I feel tired but super awake and aware still, like a very extreme sleep deprivation. Hopefully the melatonin will do it’s magic, and if not I’ll take 3mg more and pray for the best. Next time I will remember to eat a light meal beforehand and try to eat like I do normally. Or else my stomach will hurt again which was NOT a pleasant feeling. I will not update anymore now til’ tomorrow where I will update one last time, type my final thoughts and then post it.

T:15:30 While I feel very tired and sleep deprived it’s super hard to sleep, I should’ve taken more melatonin, probably too late at this point but I guess I have no other choice. Thought I would finish up the report here since all the effects are completely gone except the fact that I can’t sleep, but someone said I should wait til’ tomorrow instead when my mind is a bit clear and they do have a point. I’m gonna take 3mg Melatonin now and I’ll update tomorrow.

T:24:35 I can already feel myself going back to the old me, I’ve kept on pushing on finishing this trip report. I took 3mg more melatonin and went onto discord to pass some time, after around 40 minutes I decided that I got to force myself to sleep as I had a test early tomorrow and I didn’t want to be too tired, so I put on NFs new album (Fire btw) and before I knew it I fell asleep, I slept pretty good, even though it was only around 3 hours I ended up feeling well rested, I haven’t feel a need or much of a pull to using this substance again today like I do with any other drug, and I think I could stay away from this easily. Some of my stomach pains is also still remaining but it’s much better and bearable, I had no problem eating breakfast (Which I usually never do) and soon I’ll be eating lunch.

Overall- 2FMA is an amazing drug, and the potential it has for studying is AMAZING. I’ve never been this concentrated and got so much work done in my life. Now the come up was a little anxious, and comedown was worse than I thought it would be but really good in comparison to Stimulants. The stimulation felt very clean, almost as if you weren’t even on anything. The appetite suppression and my stomach pains wouldn’t be a problem if I just would’ve remembered to eat. I’d prefer this over Adderall as I like this style of stimulation much more, only thing being Adderall is more euphoric and has a longer peek. Now the peek of this drug is short compared to some other stimulants, but not a big issue as the comedown isn’t as hard and still doesn’t take away your concentration, I kept studying and had no problem concentrating HOURS after I started coming down. Overall, it’s an amazing drug and I will keep using it in the future but safely with gaps in between as the tolerance builds fast I heard.

Links: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/6L9gS9XU1JgBuWDwkVmeTf?si=4dCCP4--TICnamb7RJoXVw


Discord: RubberPanda#4668 I’m very active in the r/drugs discord and you can find me there too.

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