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Substance lacing is the practice of adulterating ("cutting") substances intended for market distribution, typically on the street, for the purposes of increasing its profitability to the seller if not to increase perceived potency or maintain desirability by the buyer.

Without the user knowing their product has been laced, it may be lethal or dangerous to use it. Commonly,[citation needed] cocaine is cut with agents such as benzocaine or levamisole. Laced products are often laced because they are of low quality or quantity, and therefore, bulking agents or things that "potentiate" the product are added.

Commonly laced drugs

Drugs may be sold to end users who are unaware they have been laced or are unaware what was used to lace them.

Drug 1 Drug 2 Drug 3 Drug slang[1] Intoxication name Comment
Alcohol Chloral hydrate Mickey Finn
Alcohol Barbiturates Geronimo
Cannabis Embalming fluid Illy The use of fry (embalming fluid and PCP-laced cigarettes or marijuana sticks) among crack cocaine smokers.[2]
Cannabis Formaldehyde Clicker, dank Respiratory Failure Related to Smoking Tainted Marijuana Cigarettes.[3]
Cannabis PCP Embalming fluid (optional) Love boat (less known: fry sticks) The name Love Boat is currently associated with three different street drugs - marijuana soaked with embalming fluid or formaldehyde, marijuana soaked the dissociative hallucinogen in PCP, or marijuana soaked in both formaldehyde and PCP.[4]
Crack-cocaine Benzocaine Fire Crack cut with benzocaine
Crack-cocaine Procaine Double rock
LSD Strychnine Back breakers
Heroin Motion sickness medication Polo
Heroin Scopolamine or strychnine Spike
PCP Gasoline Octane PCP laced with gasoline

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