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Subjective effects index - EVERYTHING

make sure all of these bullets are on every effect article

  • <onlyinclude></onlyinclude>
  • Compounds within our psychoactive substance index which may cause this effect include: {{#ask:[[Category:Psychoactive substance]][[Effect::Physical fatigue]]|format=ul|Columns=1}}
  • ===See also=== *[ Anticonvulsant (Wikipedia)] *[[Subjective effects index]] *[[Psychedelics#Subjective_effects|Psychedelics - Subjective effects]] *[[Dissociatives#Subjective_effects|Dissociatives - Subjective effects]] *[[Deliriants#Subjective_effects|Deliriants - Subjective effects]]
  • [[Category:Physical]] [[Category:Uncomfortable]] [[Category:Effect]]