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Is there any kind of scientifically published research about this substance? At least some dosage advice would be beneficial for potential users in terms of harm reductions. Anecdotal reports indicate this substances is pretty close the banned MXE in terms of effects and additionally it is organic skeletal formula. Is there any connections to the original creators or the documents they create?

--Wikipedia has some sources they list about availability:

It has been sold online since around October 2020, and was first definitively identified by a forensic laboratory in Denmark in February 2021.[1][2]

1. Alert from NDEWS Web Monitoring team: Increases in Reddit discussions of DMXE October 2020–March 2021". National Drug Early Warning System. University of Florida, funded by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (28). 26 March 2021.

2. Skinnider M, Wang F, Pasin D, Greiner R, Foster L, Dalsgaard P, Wishart DS (2021). "A Deep Generative Model Enables Automated Structure Elucidation of Novel Psychoactive Substances". ChemRxiv. Cambridge: Cambridge Open Engage

The title of this page should be Deoxymethoxetamine, all other known references to DMXE omit the 's' (though one would think conventional nomenclature should put it there). Can a chemist confirm de- and des- are both valid?

Names: 3'-methyl-2-oxo-PCE, DMXE, 3D-MXE, Deoxymethoxetamine

General Dosage Guide (from HTTP:// anecdotal evidence)

Insufflated: Threshold 5-10mg

Light 10-20mg

Common 20-35mg

Strong 35-60mg

Heavy 60mg+

Oral: Threshold 5-10mg

Light 10-20mg

Common 15-25mg

Strong 30-55mg

Heavy 70mg+

Am able to confirm.

Note: Dosage guide can be copied from MXE without any consequences, as it is almost identical in strength.