Experience:A combination of DOC, 5-MAPB, 5-MeO-DMT, ETH-LAD, Cannabis, Pentedrone

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Experience reports - DOC, 5-MAPB, 5-MeO-DMT, ETH-LAD, cannabis and pentedrone

  • Date: 5/14/2016
  • Gender: Female
  • Weight: 120 lbs / 54 kg
  • Age: 18
  • Substances consumed:
    • DOC: 2 mg oral
    • Eth-lad: 160 μg sublingual
    • Dextroamphetamine: 15 mg oral * 2
    • 5-MAPB: 100 mg oral
    • Cannabis: 0.2 g vaporized
    • 5-MeO-DMT: 14 mg, insufflated
    • Pentedrone: 8 mg * 3 insufflated
    • Bupropion: 300 mg oral


Tonight was prom night. Hadnt had a real intense trip for a while, so i decide tonight was the night.

10 am - I take the bupropion as my normal medication alongside the first dose of dextroamphetamine.

5 pm - I take the second dose of dextroamphetamine. This is an average dose for me and i feel mildly stimulated.

5:45 pm - I arrive at the party. We proceed to take pictures and then depart for dinner.

6:15 pm - We have arrived at the restaurant, I proceed to the bathroom, where I ingest the 5-mapb, the doc, and place the Eth-lad tab under my tongue. I hold this for about 20 minutes in mouth before swallowing.

6:45 pm - My friend notices my cheeks are flushed. This is usually the telltale sign I have ingested a psychedelic. At this point, I have begun to feel the 5-mapb, I began laughing inappropriately loud, and just, in general, am having a fantastic time, eating a delicious burger, which I, unfortunately, couldnt finish because my appetite had disappeared. Distortions begin to creep across my vision, patterns swirling together, color enhancement and other mild OEVs. I become incredibly chatty at this point, which is not how I am normally, and find my self socially adept. There are two of my ex-girlfriends in the group, which initially I was anxious about because it is rather uncomfortable to be even near them normally, but I found myself at ease, acknowledging this phenomenon but not worrying about it. I enjoy the company of my friends. I proceed to distribute 25D-NBOMe, 4-FA, 5-MAPB and other assorted hallucinogens to my fellow group members.

7pm - We proceed to the party bus, and I have been designated as the "dj" so to speak, connecting the aux cord to my phone and just making sure everyone remains high-energy. I play a variety of hip-hop songs, primarily Travis Scott, Kanye West, Pusha t, Asap Rocky, drake and young thug. Psychedelics increase my ability to remember song lyris for some reason, so when we all sat down, and it was quiet, I got everyone pumped by just dancing ridiculously and rapping along not missing a single bar. I am having a fantastic time and feel great about everything.

8pm-12pm - The party bus arrives at the function prom is being held at. At this point, the doc is beginning to enhance the visuals and stimulation significantly, and the 5-Mapb and eth-lad's effects are peaking. Visuals are quite fascinating, double vision, drifting, acuity enhancement, color splashes randomly affecting regions of my visions. DOC has a very synthetic, futuristic visual style with small wheels spinning in the place of pixels so to speak, I can still see fine, but everything is distorted to some point now. We enter the party at this point; my social anxiety disorder kicks in and I stick close to my best friend, so I don't lose anybody or fuck up the entry procedure to the club. I am a bit nervous and just anxious to find a corner to get away from the throbbing crowd dancing to EDM, and we find an upstairs level with a table with few people around where we sit and talk for a few hours, taking breaks to get water or go to the bathroom frequently. I am anxious to leave, but this is not the psychedelics fault, likely, without their help, I wouldn't have been able to go at all. Friends from the crowd see me and people begin to stop occasionally to ask me for Molly, psychedelics, etc. I make 5 or so sales, but there is an old bald man who keeps staring at me, and I begin to become quite paranoid. This man was a school official and seemed quite suspicious of me. We decide to go to the dance floor to get away from this man. 15 minutes later he walks right by me on the dancefloor, and this only increases my paranoia. I hide my stash in my underwear and begin to leave with part of my group. Just as we are leaving the man is right by the entrance, and I'm sure he will stop me. I brace myself for the inevitable and attempt to act normal, but the man says nothing as we walk out. We chill outside for a little bit, waiting for the rest of our party to join us. The man comes outside. I am very nervous at this point. The trip is borderline, could go very negative from here. However, he goes back inside and my friends come out, and we leave. We proceed to the house we will be staying the night at, and when we arrive we decide to insufflate pentedrone and 5-meo-dmt. The trip gets a bit stronger, but not by much. We do another line of pentedrone. Some people wanted to smoke cannabis, so I found my herbal vaporizer, and we proceeded to vape outside, and then we come back. I do another line of pentedrone as I am getting quite tired. I eventually fall asleep around 5:30 am. The trip is over at this point.

The DOC was also used 4 days earlier, so tolerance was understandable as to why the trip wasnt that intense. Overall, a positive trip with a small bump in the middle. No lasting side effects noted after I woke up.

Submitted by - MDMQualone

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