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Collaboration on ayahuasca guide

“Guide to Safe Ayahuasca Curanderismo” by David Hedlund

Pros and cons with ayahuasca


  1. Cheap: Ayahuasca is much cheaper (and legal) in contrast to synthesized chemicals, 300 grams Mimosa hostilis root bark (MHRB) is enough for 100 doses and costs about €60 with shipping included, that's €0.6 per dose. Peganum harmala is sold for €60 per kilo, that is €0.06 per gram.
  2. Legal: Ayahuasca specifically is not governed in most countries, however, check your local law to make sure.
  3. Natural medicine, no chemical impurities.
  4. Available: The plant ingredients are sold on clearnet (on eBay and on smartshops), so there's no need to use darknet and cryptocurrencies to obtain them.
  5. Easy to prepare: It's very easy to prepare ayahuasca.


  • The LD50 of ayahuasca is around 50 times a regular dose. However, MAOIs can cause lethal interactions with both food, and psychoactive substances (up to one week before and two weeks after use). Using MAOI's within five weeks of discontinuing the serotonin selective reuptake inhibitor (SSRI) fluoxetine (Prozac) could lead to coma and death. Many MAOI interactions with psychoactive substances has never been documented on the internet at all.
    • Because of the extended half-life of norfluoxetine, a minimum of 5 weeks should lapse between stopping fluoxetine (20 mg/day) and starting an MAOI. With higher doses the interval should be longer. For example, a serotonin syndrome was reported following a 6-weeks washout in a patient who had been given fluoxetine (80 mg/day).[1]
  • The alkaloid content may vary in plants, but it is easy to find out the proper dosage. However, a friend of mine consumed 10 grams grinded Peganum harmala without effects.


Tolerance protector

Some natural tolerance to habitual use of ayahuasca (roughly once weekly) may develop through upregulation of the serotonergic system.[2][3]

Strassman notes about DMT (without MAOIs): "DMT appeared unique in that tolerance was quite difficult to demonstrate, even in animals given full doses every two hours around the clock for twenty-one days in a row. The only published human study couldn't elicit tolerance when researchers gave full intramuscular doses twice a day for five days."[4] "There were several DMT studies. The dose-response study was followed by the tolerance project in which subjects received a high dose of DMT four times, at 30 minute intervals. This latter study, which did not demonstrate a reduced response after frequent dosing (i.e., there was no tolerance), allowed for the deepest and most consistent work under the influence of DMT." -

Statistical protector

Long-term ayahuasca therapy should success 99 of 100 verified sessions (99%) with no sitter needed on light to common doses. Not just 90 of 100 sessions because a single severe failed session can destroy the next nine sessions, meaning that 10 failed sessions can destroy 100 sessions at worst. Some individuals, particularly those with a lot of ego, cannot resist the temptation to recommend you to increase the dosage if they run higher doses, don't do that, rather reflect (or at worst leave) your company and make sure they don't ruin your goals.

Start on small doses and stay on the lowest useful therapeutic doses for 100 sessions, only then increase the dose slightly. This way you will become an experienced ayahuasca user without a lot of effort since you don't need to mentally evaluate the doses which means that you can dedicate all energies on egoloss.

MAOI dosage protector


I advice you verify that you have eaten low tyramine food by observing adverse effects from the MAOIs before you add DMT. Also, the MAOIs will give increased effects if you consume them before the Mimosa hostilis, Examples:

  • Swallow Peganum harmala capsules 1 hour and 15 minutes before Mimosa hostilis or
  • swallow pure Peganum harmala 60 minutes before Mimosa hostilis.

Peganum harmala sensitivity measurement

An optimal MAOI level serves as a protector from psychotoxicity, traditionally tobacco has been used as the protector.[5] Even on light ayahuasca therapy there can be moments where you get a glimpse of negative emotions that are overwhelming even if everything has been conducted in the best possible manner, let them teach you what really will happen if you don't respect the dosage.

There is no "normal MAOI dose" since MAOI sensitivity can differ multiple times between individual. So the first thing you need to do find out if you react on very low doses of MAOIs. For example, I just need half the amount of Peganum harmala than my friends to get to the same level, they don't get any therapeutic effects at all on my doses. I'm glad that I didn't get my first ayahuasca session via a retreat since it is reasonable to assume that they would suggest a "normal" dose of 3 grams Peganum harmala, and that dose would in reality be like taking 6 grams by someone not sensitive to MAOIs. Interestingly, ayahuasca tourist usually have no idea of this since most ayahuasca retreats doesn't learn about it.

To find out your MAOI sensitivity: Use 1 gram fine grinded Peganum harmala without any DMT carrying plant and increase the dosage with 0.5 gram each day until you feel yourself very light unpleasant dizzy. The thumb of rule is that you need less dose than that to get a light therapeutic dose (or normal dose if you are exhausted due to lack of macronutriets) when combined with a DMT carrying plant. Then fine tune the by decreasing it with 10 mg per day until you don't feel yourself dizzy at all.

Ayahuasca starting dose

You can even fine fine tune it with 5 mg increase/decrese. A good ayahuasca introduction dose is use that dose in combination with 3 grams Mimosa hostilis.

For example I get a light dizzy on 1.15 grams Peganum harmala and my lowest therapeutic dose is 1.0 gram Peganum harmala + 3 grams Mimosa hostilis. I can even ignore the spiritual battle and still feel ok after the session on light doses even if this is nothing I at all prefer.

  • Threshold dose (0.75 g Peganum harmala + 3 grams Mimosa hostilis: Physiological effects but no shifting in thoughts and no euphoria.
  • Light dose dose (1.0 g Peganum harmala + 3 grams Mimosa hostilis: Shifting in thoughts.

Light doses Ayahuasca combined with a little bit of will and purity are useful to treat depression. No battle no rewarding trip or positive changed behavior after the session.

Ayahuasca on MAOI pharmacotherapy

Daily Peganum harmala doses has been used to treat depression, something that can be useful on ayahuasca sessions.

Try 0.5 gram every 6 hour, three times per day: Morning, noon, and start of the evening. Do not use when you go to bed since the MAOIs are stimulants.


Carefully monitor your MAOI therapy if you want to use it with ayahuasca occasionally. I have experienced mixed results.

  • I experienced increased sensitivity on MAOI when I used them 2010 with a body weight of 78 kilo. I didn't use ayahuasca back then.
2010-02-05	19:23:00	Peganum harmala	0.6 g	Heavy antidepressant effects, mild euphoria. Stopped the MAOI therapy due to tyramine food complications.
2010-02-05	11:42:00	Peganum harmala	0.6 g	Heavy antidepressant effects, mild euphoria
2010-02-05	03:30:00	Peganum harmala	0.7 g	Heavy antidepressant effects, mild euphoria
2010-02-04	11:14:00	Peganum harmala	0.7 g	Heavy antidepressant effects, mild euphoria
2010-02-04	19:21:00	Peganum harmala	0.7 g	Heavy antidepressant effects, mild euphoria
2010-02-04	00:12:00	Peganum harmala	0.8 g	Heavy antidepressant effects, mild euphoria
2010-02-03	12:46:00	Peganum harmala	0.8 g
2010-02-02	04:06:00	Peganum harmala	0.9 g
2010-02-02	13:20:00	Peganum harmala	0.9 g
2010-02-02	21:52:00	Peganum harmala	0.9 g
2010-02-01	19:31:00	Peganum harmala	0.9 g
2010-02-01	12:15:00	Peganum harmala	1.1 g	Mild psychoactive effects after one hour but not antidepressant per see.

I experienced decresed sensitivity on MAOI when I used them 2018 with a body weight of 85 kilo.

2018-10-06	20:20	Peganum harmala	0.9	g	Light antidepressant effects
2018-10-06	17:08	Peganum harmala	1.05	g	Light antidepressant effects
2018-10-06	12:08	Peganum harmala	1.05	g	Light antidepressant effects
2018-10-05	Early evening	Peganum harmala	1	g	Light antidepressant effects
2018-10-05	Noon	Peganum harmala	1.14	g	Light antidepressant effects
2018-10-05	Morning	Peganum harmala	0.9	g	Light antidepressant effects
2018-10-03	Early evening	Peganum harmala	1	g	Light antidepressant effects
2018-10-03	Noon	Peganum harmala	1	g	Light antidepressant effects
2018-10-03	Morning	Peganum harmala	1	g	Light antidepressant effects
2018-10-03	Early evening	Peganum harmala	1	g	Light antidepressant effects
2018-10-03	Noon	Peganum harmala	1	g	Light antidepressant effects
2018-10-03	Morning	Peganum harmala	1	g	Light antidepressant effects
2018-10-02	Early evening	Peganum harmala	0.85	g
2018-10-02	Noon	Peganum harmala	0.85	g
2018-10-02	Morning	Peganum harmala	0.85	g
2018-10-01	Early evening	Peganum harmala	0.75	g
2018-10-01	Noon	Peganum harmala	0.75	g
2018-10-01	Morning	Peganum harmala	0.75	g
2018-09-30	18:00	Peganum harmala	0.85	g
2018-09-30	11:00	Peganum harmala	0.85	g
2018-09-30	05:40	Peganum harmala	0.85	g

Ayahuasca in pregnancy

Peganum harmala

Peganum harmala can induce miscarriage. It has traditionally been used as an abortifacient agent in Morocco, North Africa, and the Middle East.[6] It is believed that quinazoline alkaloids such as vasicine and vasicinone are responsible for the abortifacient activity of the plant.[7]


  • I've only had 1 in 100 very unpleasant experience.
  • "To keep the energy of the body, we advise sexual abstinence 3 days before and after the rituals" - Céu da Santa Maria (Santo Daime Amsterdam) recommendation
  • I have not consumed MAOIs for at least 8 hours[8] to eliminate most of the MAOIs to not build up higher doses that I will take. Wait much longer than 8 hours if you have consumed a lot of MAOIs. Cut of 10% of the MAOIs if you start a new session after 6 hours.
  • I will not re-dose within 6 hours after a previous MAOI dose.
  • Food
    • I got access to tyramine free food for 24 hours (up to 72 hours).
    • My body is not empty on protein, carbs, and fat, to avoid fatique. 15 mL MCT oil and 30 mL potato starch (start with 5 mL and increase 5 mL every 3 days to avoid stomach pain, take it before sleep to avoid hot food or fluid to break it down) on daily basis combined with occasionally intermittent fasting (IF) is really useful.
    • My stomach is empty (min 5 h, 6+ h for fat food)
    • I have avoided tyramine for at least 24 hours[9] Dekorne mentions 12 hours.[10]
      • Symptoms are evident 1–12 h after ingestion of food containing tyramine[11] but usually 1–3 h after ingestion.


  • A hot bed (several blankets), you'll get really cold.
  • A portable audio device so you can listen to your preferred ayahuasca therapy music.
  • A small basked if you need to puke (not needed on "light" doses).
  • Active noise cancelling (ANC) headphones if you are in a group session since hearing other people puke can distract relaxation.



Mimosa hostilis

Technical data

The fibers are not more hydrophilic than the powder from MHRB, both will swell 4 times their volume after the decoct. 1 gram dry Mimosa hostilis = 1 mL: 10 gram dry Mimosa hostilis whipped in water will yield 10 mL. Example, 30 grams mimosa will produce 120 grams sediment.


  • Commercial batch without fibers (not more expensive than MHRB with all fibers):
    • Dry density: 0.77 g/mL
      • Mass: 100 g
      • Volume: 130 mL
  • Estimation of commercial batches with fibers
    • Dry density: 0.59 g/mL
      • Mass: 10 g
      • Volume: 17 mL
      • Powder
        • Density: 0.66 g/mL
          • Mass: 6.60 g (66% of the total weight)
          • Volume: 10.03 mL (59% of the total volume)
      • Fiber
        • Density: 0.47 g/mL
          • Mass: 3.30 g (33% of the total weight)
          • Volume: 6.97 mL (41% of the total volume)

Bottom sediment:

  • Boiling solution stored in a ? degree celcius cold refrigirator: 8% at 7.5 minutes.
  • Boiling: 9% at 1 hours stored in a ? degree celcius cold refrigirator -- a bit white sediment on top.
  • Boiling: 9% at 1 hours stored in a ? degree celcius cold refrigirator -- 2 mm white sediment on top after 15 hours, unchanged after 24 hours.
  • Room temperature: 13% at 10 minutes stored in a ? degree celcius cold refrigirator. -- Reevaluate
  • Cold (pressure cooker on ice block): 17% at 2 hours stored in a ? degree celcius cold refrigirator. -- Reevaluate

The sediment will coagulate after 30 minutes in room temperature to make it easy to separate the sediment from the clear phase.


  • The worst possible condition is MHRB with all fibers (33% loss), cooled down after boiling (17% loss): 51% loss
  • The best possible condition is MHRB without visible fibers, poured up while boiling and cooled down in room temperature (8% loss): 8% loss

You can save up to 43% yield (51-8%) by follow these guidelines.

Buying advice

Some but not all vendors sell Mimosa hostilis root bark (MHRB) most of the fibers discarded. I recommend that you ask the vendor before you buy.

  • Encapsulated MHRB: It's not possible to encapsulate the fibers with a capsule filler.
  • Even consistence, you can just grab a scoop, no need to eyeball an equal amount of fibers and powders each time which eventually will build an uneven ratio fibers since eyeballing isn't standardization. I have observed myself and others and we tend to take more powder than fibers ("better safe than sorry") which unfortunately made the batches less potent over time.
  • Products without fibers are economical, the fibers takes a significant amount or the weight but the price for Mimosa hostils with or without fibers are about the same.
  • Save you time to skip fiber sifting which requires a very fine large strains that is hard to find in your local stores. You will loose some alkaloids and it's hard to get rid of all fibers when you sift manually with strainers compared to commercial sifting.
Fiber sifting

The fibers are very bright in color so a batch with powderized fibers will have brighter color. A powerful blender or high quality grinder is not sufficient to powderize the fibers, so it's not convenient to do this if you want to standardize the particle size for a 100% natural product.

Compare the large stainless steel strains in you local stores and select the one with finest mesh.

[I think the fibers contain very little alkaloids. Make a decoct on the fibers and evaluate the psycho activity to verify.]

Encapsulated MHRB

Yuremamine is said to be heat sensitive, however, MHRB can be taken orally, and the bad taste can be avoided completely with capsules.

[experiment: will 2-3 grams MHRB without any MAOI or RIMA produce any effects?]


What you need:

  • Pressure cooker
  • Dough-scraper
  • Citric acid or malic acid. Avoid ascorbic acid and tartaric acid since they can upset the stomach.
  • Mimosa hostilis root bark (MHRB)
  • Drinking water
  • A graduated bottle. I recommend Nalgene's graduated clear platic bottles, they last for decades.

A pressure cooker is prefered because a sacue pan can burn the DMT. I prefer fresh pressure cooking to avoid oxidized DMT, so this is closer to standardization. [It takes about 15 minutes for most ?% of the sediment to build up on the bottom that can be discarded.] Make sure that the sealing ring in the pressure cooker is clean so it doesn't leak anything. You need to let the solution stay over night to clear the solution to get the tannins in the sediment. Tannins produces headache and nausea. Some people use egg white or activated carbon to filter out the tannins to prevent nausea, but will this remove the DMT content?

1 gram Mimosa hostilis = 1 mL: 10 gram dry Mimosa hostilis whipped in water will yield 10 mL. The fibers are hydrophilic and will swell with 4 times it's volume after the decoct. Example, 30 grams mimosa will produce 120 grams sediment.

Acids are good for several reasons. First of all improved alkaloid extraction, but they also preserve the solution (mold doesn't survive in acidic solutions) when you store it.

  • 100 mL water
  • Use 90% of the desired dose since 10% are discarded fibers. 2.6 g M. hostilis per dose 3 grams (0.3 g are has been discarded as fibers)
  • 2 grams malic acid or citric acid
  1. Do not boil in less water than the brew is intended to drink just to save some acid by making a more concentrated cooking, that will leave the MHRB sediment with more DMT concentrated and you cannot undiluted it by adding more water once it has cooled down.
  2. Whip down x gram citric acid, or malic acid. the pH should be 2.
  3. Whip down 30 grams Mimosa hostilis (10 x 3 gram doses).
  4. Pressure cook for 5 minutes, or boil for 15 minutes if you don't own a pressure cooker. Minimum heat time is preferred to avoid 1) possible breakdown of the unique alkaloid yuremamine (2 making the DMT molecules unstable since that will speed up their oxidation process, in the bloodstream, and if you store the solution for several days or even months.
  5. Open the pressure cooker and use a dough-scraper to scrape the fibers from the walls and the lid down to the solution.
  6. Move the pressure cooker from the stove to speed up the cooling process. Will cooling the pressure cooker on an iceblock give more volume to the sediment? Will more DMT go in the sediment (less psychoactive)?
  7. Pour over to a graduated bottle.
  8. Measure the volume, make sure the total volume is x to standardize the doses to 3 grams Mimosa hostilis per 0.5 dL brew: 500 mL + 30 mL (Mimosa hostilis) + x gram acid.
  9. Let stand in the refrigerator for 8 hours

I use 15 mL squash as taste mask since not even delicious malic acid fully mask the bitterness.



From As for Moclobemide, i'm surprised more people around here seemingly haven't experimented with Moclobemide, kinda hard to believe tbh. I actually kinda liked Mimosa with Moclobemide, Acacia too, but i do prefer the Harmalas but the Moclobemide experiences are definitely no doubt interesting too. Definitely worth a try imo, though it can be rather intense body sensation wise because the Harmala aspects aren't there and the Harmalas seem to ground the experience in a way but with Moclobemide you feel it's full force. Moclobemide is also cool for seeing what Mimosa or Acacia, or other DMT-containing plants are like on their own, because they're not altered by the Harmalas.

And yes, DMT with Moclobemide is purge-free, so if you give it a chance, let us know how it goes for you.

Moclobemide + MHRB capsules used:

Moclobemide has good penetration across the blood brain barrier with peak plasma levels within the central nervous system occurring 2 hours after administration.[12]

Despite its short half-life the pharmacodynamic action of a single dose persists for approximately 16 hours.

Peganum harmala


Peganum harmala is mostly not professionally produced, not even ecological seeds; the seeds are not rinsed from grit and I have never found it any product that sell the seeds in a professionally package. I found about 450 mg per 100 grams grit in my ecological Peganum harmala batch by weight, that's enough to damage the burrs significantly. Be careful to remove the stones to not wear out the burrs in a grinder rapidly. Stones can be one of the reasons why you sometimes find extra hard physical resistance when you grind them manually. Even the largest stones (for example 2 mm) will damage the burrs on the finest settings.

Washing out stones in a bowl is certainly the safest way to get rid of most of them.

Peganum harmala seeds have a width of 1.5-3.0 mm so a slightly larger sieve (eg 1.6 mm) will pass the all seeds and trap larger stones, and a slightly smaller sieve (eg 1.4 mm)) will trap all seeds but pass smaller stones, sand, dust, etc. Search for "lab sieve" to get sieves with defined mesh sizes. The problem with sifting is that stones in the same particle range as the seeds will be trapped anyway.

Larger stones are easy to detect by sound by dropping them in a large metal pan for example but smaller stones has to be visually identified, the stones are easier to picked with tweezers. Repeat the process at least twice albeit this is a tedious task, I often find a lot of stones on the second round that was visually hidden on the first one.

  1. Avoid to grind large batches since living seeds will preserve the alkaloids and compensate lost alkaloids by synthesizing new ones naturally. Pre-weight the desired dose to avoid excess doses with half crushed seeds in the grinder since that will kill the seeds.
  2. Put the seeds in a freezer or in a cold refrigerator.
  3. Grind the seeds with a ceramic coffee grinder ( grinders are very good) on the finest possible setting (I use even 2 settings below the recommendation in the Porlex manual to get even smaller particles and it works fine), avoid coarse particles since it will delay the MAOI metabolism significantly, I grind the same batch twice to minimize the largest particles from the first grinding.

See if you want to make full spectrum extract.

A rush can be felt in the beginning, I hypotize that the smallest particles metabolized first. It is possible that I will evaluate this in the future by sifting the particles to standardize their volume.

Taste mask

The bad taste can easily be masked with squash concentrate. Add 15 mL per 3 grams Mimosa hostilis. Add 15 mL per 1 gram Peganum harmala if you don't swallow them by capsule. Sweet pastilles are useful to get rid of the aftertaste.


If you decide to take light doses and not to puke then you might want to use capsules because the consistence of Peganum harmala seeds trigger a bit of nausea so even a good task mask won't help. Just make sure to wait at least 30 but 60 is preferred for the capsules to fully dissolve for vegetarian or geltin capsules.[13]. I recommend vegetarian capsules for animal justice.


Ayahuasca can be stored and used from in the refrigerator for months. -

[Will it cause more nausea due to tyramine? Will it oxidize?]


Will prevent oxidation of DMT. Not evaluated yet.



Skull and crossbones darktextred2.png

Ayahuasca can be fatal with poly drug use.

  • Always prepare yourself to go to the hospital if you experiment with new substances, even in threshold doses.
  • Stimulants - Combining stimulants with psychedelics may induce states of extreme anxiety, over-stimulation, thought loops, and increase the risk of psychosis.[14] -- MAOIs are stimulants, they tend to potentiate other substances in addition, so "normal" doses with other stimulants easily cause over stimulation. In fact, a "cheese crisis" triggered by tyramine rich food on ayahuasca can should be able to trigger both physiological and psychotoxic effects since tyramine can displace stored monoamines, such as dopamine, norepinephrine, and epinephrine, from pre-synaptic vesicles. Psychedelic bad trips are often a trigger for HPPD.
  • Popular sports supplements (especially pre-workout supplements (PWS)) and all-natural weight loss contain meth-like compound[15]
  • I recommend that you disrupt all non-pharmaceutical supplements for at least one week before you use MAOIs to avoid dangerous interactions due to withdrawal.
  • Plants are not standardized so it is impossible to know how much effects you get from them. Only buy pharmaceutical grade substances (like OTC in your local pharmacy store) to eliminate possibly lethal interactions with MAOIs. Do not buy substances on internet to avoid supplements or counterfeit medicines.
  • The more substances you involve the larger is the risk for miscalculations.

Required equipment:

  • A blood pressure monitor
  • Activated carbon

A few deaths due to participation in the consumption of ayahuasca have been reported, although none have been linked specifically to Ayahuasca itself, but are usually said to be due to other factors.[16][17][18] Some of the deaths may have been due to unscreened preexisting heart conditions, interaction with drugs, such as antidepressants, recreational drugs, caffeine (due to the CYP1A2 inhibition of the Harmala alkaloids), or nicotine (from drinking Tobacco tea for purging/cleansing), or from improper or irresponsible use due to behavioral risks or possible drug to drug interactions.[19][20][21]

Syrian rue (Peganum harmala): Harmaline is a RIMA.[22] Harmine is a nonselective MAOI (MAO-A and MAO-B inhibitor). Seed extracts were potent reversible and competitive inhibitors of MAO-A but poor inhibitors of MAO-B.[23]

MAO-A preferentially deaminates serotonin, melatonin, epinephrine, and norepinephrine. MAO-B preferentially deaminates phenethylamine and certain other trace amines; in contrast, MAO-A preferentially deaminates other trace amines, like tyramine, whereas dopamine is equally deaminated by both types. Inhibition of both MAO-A and MAO-B is used in the treatment of clinical depression and anxiety.


Antiemetics are not needed on light doses ayahuasca.

  • "His research into dietary management and vitamin supplements suggests that taking one gram of Lecithin the previous day and again two hours before a session will eliminate most nausea In addition, sliced dried ginger chewed after drinking ayahuasca tea eliminates much of its bad taste." [Doesn't lecithin contain tyramine?]
  • "Ginger is often used as antiemetic." - Psychedelic Shamanism (page 178), Jim Dekorne
  • Meclizine (INN,[1] or meclozine) brand names Bonine, Bonamine, Antivert, Postafen, Sea Legs, and Dramamine II (Less Drowsy Formulation): "MAOIs may prolong and intensify the anticholinergic effects of antihistamines. Although the anticholinergic activity of MAOIs is minimal; anticholinergic effects sometimes occur. It is recommended that the concurrent use of MAOIs with drugs possessing anticholinergic activity be avoided, since the effects of other anticholinergic drugs are potentiated and may become severe. Most manufacturers recommend that sedating H1-antagonists should not be used within 2 weeks of therapy with a MAOI."[24]


Only for experienced people who are willing to take maximum responsibility. Always start with threshold doses, and gradually increase them but not on the same session.

Stimluants are useful to battle the sedative effects of DMT if you want to stay awake and use it in as antidepressant in your everyday work for creativity and abstract thinking.

  • 50 mg caffeine (avoid coffee brews since they contains b-carboline alkaloids) + 50 mg L-theanine, or a cup of tea is a nice nootropic ad-hoc. Yerba mate + ayhuasca is a common admixture. Use caffeine with caution due to the CYP1A2 inhibition of the Harmala alkaloids.
  • 0.? mg nicotine orally from prescription free pharmaceutical nicotine tablets. "It may also be smoked by people having a challenging experience in order to bring them out of chaos into clarity. Conversely it can also be used to clear away obstruction and allow the visions to come through with more intensity." - Use nicotine with caution.
MAOI interactions

Risk for serotonergic and dopaminergic over stimulation. "A study reported in the 2010 issue of the Journal of Ethnopharmacology found that harmaline and harmine in ayahuasca are MAO-A and MAO-B inhibitors" - "MAO-A is involved in the metabolism of serotonin, noradrenaline and dopamine whereas MAO-B metabolises the dopamine neurotransmitter."

Background of interest in this stack:

  • My primary goal with cholinergics + ayahuasca is to find a possible safe way to get choline (a essential vitamin) so I don't have to eat more eggs. I want to able to be a vegan and use ayahuasca in the future and I want other vegans to have the same possibility by saying what worked and what didn't work for me.
  • It is known that choline sources can strongly potentiate psychedelics, and Terence McKenna has advocated combining soy lecithin with mushrooms (I wish i could find this one video about it, it involves McKenna and it is very cool!). They are not MAOIs by any stretch of the imagination but they simply potentiate psychedelics very strongly. In my experience, 800 mg of CDP-choline can strongly potentiate multiple types of psychedelics, including LSD, smoking DMT, mushrooms, cacti, and synthetics." -
  • Common MAOIs
    • Peganum harmala
    • "Nutmeg (Myristica fragrans) is an evergreen tree native to the Spice Islands. The seed of the tree is called nutmeg, and mace is the seed covering. Nutmeg essential oil contains myristicin, which can be toxic in large doses. Myristicin is an unselective MAO inhibitor, meaning it acts on both MAO-A and MAO-B. Nutmeg also contains the MAO inhibitors kaempferol and quercetin." -
    • Supplements
MAOI interaction with cholinergics

Choline-equivalent doses needed for evaluation (like in this stud:

Monoaminergics cholinergics

  • Alpha-GPC -- Dopaminergic[25] "Alpha GPC has demonstrated the ability to increase overall dopamine and serotonin levels in the brain 4, which was shown to not be possible with a comparable dose of CDP Choline" "CDP-choline did not affect DA levels, which increased after GPC administration in frontal cortex and cerebellum. GPC increased also 5-HT levels in frontal cortex and striatum. DAT was stimulated in frontal cortex and cerebellum by both CDP and GPC, whereas VMAT2, SERT, NET were unaffected. VMAT1 was not detectable." "The above data indicate that CDP-choline and GPC possess a monoaminergic profile and interfere to some extent with brain monoamine transporters."[26]
    • Crosses the blood–brain barrier (BBB): Yes
  • CDP-choline -- Citicoline enhances cellular communication by increasing the availability of neurotransmitters, including acetylcholine, norepinephrine, and dopamine. - "The above data indicate that CDP-choline and GPC possess a monoaminergic profile and interfere to some extent with brain monoamine transporters."[26]
    • Crosses the blood–brain barrier (BBB): Yes
    • CDP-Choline (cytidine 5′-diphosphocholine): Is only about 18% choline by weight. Your body naturally synthesizes choline into CDP-Choline (Citicoline). It’s then converted to phosphatidylcholine (PC) which assists cell membranes, and helps create acetylcholine. -

Non-monoaminergic cholinergics?

  • Choline bitartrate
    • Crosses the blood–brain barrier (BBB): No
  • Phosphatidylcholine (PC)
    • Crosses the blood–brain barrier (BBB): "CDP-choline given parenterally or orally quickly degrades into its products cytidine and choline which can cross the blood-brain barrier separately (Grieb, 2014)." -
    • Sold as supplement
    • Egg yolk contain phosphatidylcholine (PC). I have eaten a few fried eggs in the middle of a ayahuasca trip on completely empty stomach but didn't experience any side effects, the eggs didn't boost the effects of the trip. Try raw egg yolks, increase with one egg yolk per session.
  • Soy lecithin
    • "Lecithin is a special type of fat called a phospholipid. About 13% by weight of the lecithin molecule is choline. Most choline in the diet is derived from lecithin. Some foods contain it in the free form or as a component of other phospholipids. One tablespoon of lecithin granules provides about 1,725 mg of phosphatidylcholine and 250 mg choline, a little less than the content in an egg." -
    • "It is difficult-to-impossible to obtain definitive information regarding tyramine content of a great many foods. However, the consensus appears to be that soy oil and lecithin are not harmful." - Dietician Moderators,


  • Centrophenoxine (meclofenoxate, sold as Lucidril) -- this substance is sold as nootropic and prescribed as a medication but little data exist about it.
    • Crosses the blood–brain barrier (BBB): ?


  • Cocoa: "I have met many who use cacao to extend the deeper portion of this medicine journey - take the cacao about 30-45 min before you would begin to surface from those depths. As cacao has significant MAOI's, some take cacao mixed with Aya to reduce the DMT degradation in the stomach. We know many who use cacao instead of the plant with the MAOI’s that is combined with the Ayahuasca containing plant." -

Using a MAO inhibitor (MAOI), the intake of approximately 10 to 25 mg of tyramine is required for a severe reaction compared to 6 to 10 mg for a mild reaction.[27] In cacao: "The amounts of tyramine found ranged between 0.1 and 2.8 μg/g." -

Routes of administration


Under evaluation.

Bad trip management


Disclaimer: There is not guarantee that you will receive any anxiolytics if you have a really bad trip and went to a hospital and tell them that you took MAOIs. A long bad trip without anxiolytic treatment can result in HPPD that might last for life. They will primarily monitor your EEG, blood pressure, and take blood samples. Your best bet is to learn that it is safe to use benzodiazepines with MAOIs. However, keep in mind that adulterated benzo tablets may cause dangerous interactions with MAOIs.

"Mixing 1.5mg alprazolam and 25g MHRB was by far the smoothest experience I have had. However, I feel like it definitely lacked something: the profound sense of spiritual revelation was absent. Sure, there was no fear whatsoever, but I realized afterward that fear during an experience is not something that necessarily needs to be avoided, and is a vital component of realizing the areas of the psyche which need healing the most. Also, I cannot recall some of the more subtle details of the experience. This is not to say that I did not learn a great deal from the experience, but I feel the potential was greatly diminished. Then again, my motivation for this at the time was to provide a more recreational experience than spiritual. If one's intent is to enjoy the visions without the distractions of inner personal growth, this is a valid path to pursue.

My advice is, if you feel the need to reduce anxiety during the experience, to go very light on the dose of anxiolytic. 0.5 mg alprazolam, 5mg diazepam, or 0.5 mg clonazepam would probably allow for reduction in anxiety without much inhibition of benefits. This is speculation, however, as I have not combined the two since Smile"


If you suspect that you have taken to high doses of anything combined with MAOI, for example if you feel an expected rush early then follow the below processes.


The body cannot puke up anything without water in the stomach which is common during ayahuasca fasting, so if you have little water in your stomach then drink a few deciliters of water and puke. Puke by putting your fingers in your throat to induce the "gag reflex". Repeat the water consumption puke process for at least two sessions and make sure that you puke up most of the water content each session.

Activated carbon

Activated charcoal may be given to help bind drugs and keep them in the stomach and intestines.


  • Spiritual crisis:

The prefrontal cortex in the brain is involved in dealing with fear and stress. In the last few decades, brain imaging systems have been used to determine brain region volumes and nerve linkages. Several studies have indicated that reduced volume and interconnections of the frontal lobes with other brain regions is observed in patients diagnosed with mental disorders and prescribed potent antipsychotics; those subjected to repeated stressors; those who excessively consume sexually explicit materials; suicides; those incarcerated; criminals; sociopaths. It is believed that at least some of the human abilities to feel guilt or remorse, and to interpret reality, are dependent on a well-functioning prefrontal cortex.

You might for example stuble into a situation like this:

  • Why do I feel guilt? Because I consume excessive amounts of meat but I want to respect animals as individuals and not products at the same time. Pigs are not impure but more intelligent than dogs, so ham should be avoided because that is like eating 6 years human children.
  • How can I overcome my guilt? By consuming less meat. I will try to do that after this session to see how it affects me.

A few things ayahuasca can treat:

Light ayahuasca doses have nootropic effects, it can be used in the same way that LSD is used for: Problem solving. I wrote a lot of this guide with ayahuasca for creative thinking.

Ayahuasca users who doesn't practice egoloss will instead experience egodystonic or egosyntonic emotions that will aggravate their mental instability and eventually becomes malevolent shamans (brujas) or antisocial individuals.

The prefrontal cortex is part of the frontal lobe, you can observe the energies in your forehead during spiritual crises that can make you temporarily psychotic.

"A line of research has revealed that a polymorphism in the promoter region of the MAOA gene is related to antisocial phenotypes." - The brain is neuroplastic so regions that are imbalanced will change over time with frequent ayahuasca use.

Underground psychedelic therapy


Sale of psychoactive substances without payed tax is not legal and can be used as an argument from governments to put resources on you. I have personally never earned any money from ayahuasca, I use to donate ayhuasca and consultation to friends that might be interested in it as a form to promote more egoloss to this world.

Santo Daime: "We know that this issue is very delicate. It was extensively discussed at meetings of the GMT / CONAD where it was established that "the sacrament should not be marketed, nor should obtain his personal earnings and / or cash benefit of any kind" However it was made the caveat that it was recognized the right to each entity providing the costs of its production in accordance with its statutory principles and administrative procedures ." - [28]

Ayahuasca international critisism


They got Facebook accounts dedicated to regional retreats that you can read about in your local news. A few sites that are in use:

Alberto Varela, Ayahuasca International (originally Ayahuasca Internacional), Inner Mastery International S.L.U.: "The founder of Ayahuasca International is Alberto Jose Varela, who has ceded all rights to the use and exploitation of Ayahuasca International to the company Inner Mastery International SLU."

Avoid addicts

Avoid to treat individuals with chemical dependence due to possibly deadly MAOI interactions, never give MAOIs to these people. Addicts often forget things too, and they can be very hard to reach even by phone, something that is crucial when substances are evaluated even on low doses MAOI.

Notable people

  • Benny Shanon is a psychologist best known for the Biblical entheogen hypothesis based on his 2,500 ayahuasca experiences. Shanon is the ayahuasca reference authority.
  • Rick Strassman is a medical doctor who research about DMT and is the author of DMT, the Spirit Molecule from 2001. Strassman is the DMT reference authority.


Legal status

Internationally, DMT is a Schedule I drug under the Convention on Psychotropic Substances. The Commentary on the Convention on Psychotropic Substances notes, however, that the plants containing it are not subject to international control:[29]

The cultivation of plants from which psychotropic substances are obtained is not controlled by the Vienna Convention. . . . Neither the crown (fruit, mescal button) of the Peyote cactus nor the roots of the plant Mimosa hostilis nor Psilocybe mushrooms themselves are included in Schedule 1, but only their respective principals, mescaline, DMT, and psilocin.

International human rights

Use it if someone tries to punish and/or prevent you and your friends to use ayahuasca.

  • Freedom of religion -- can protect individuals that practice ayahyasca religiously, if they for example say that their religion is Santo Daime.
  • Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities -- can protect individuals with psychiatric diagnoses to use psychedelic therapy.

Courts on shamans requires English references so this section cannot be merge to it.

This section includes shamans that has used entheogens, not just ayahuasca.


Ayahuasca and non-oral DMT variations

B. caapi/P. virides or B.caapi/D. cabrerana vs P. harmala/M. hostilis

Survey for non-oral DMT with MAOIs

"Although there are many varieties of Changa, like Ayahuasca the key active ingredients are consistently DMT and an MAOI.

The effects of Changa are considered by many to be more grounded than just DMT freebase smoked on its own. The effects have been reported as being similar to a short Ayahuasca trip. The duration of effects is slightly longer than that of freebase DMT, with reports of trips lasting up to 12 minutes." -

  • MAOIs either taken orally before smoked/IV/IM DMT, or in conjunction with smoked/IV/IM DMT, also makes the high different than just DMT on its own. A study should be conducted to compare the therapeutic index and the subjective effects of non-oral DMT administred with and without MAOIs, because Strassman didn't compare this AFAIK. RIMAs (eg harmaline, or moclobemide), a sub-type of MAOIs, are much safer than MAOIs (peganum harmala: Harmine), because the enzymes turn over approximately every two weeks, meaning that a lot of psychoactive substances have to be avoided for two weeks. The therapeutic index of MAOIs and RIMAs should be compared.


To any governments reading this page: There are no doctors, or psychologists that has helped me as much as psychedelics has done. I am my own ayahuascero, and curandero and I'm well aware that there are unpredictable risks. I self-medicate with ayahuasca not for recreational purposes. I don't pose any threat to our society with my purity of mind combined with ayahuasca use. I care about my mental health and my choice of friends. Ayahuasca has helped me out from depression, and I have guided people how to acheive that with this guide that aims for maximum harm reduction and healing, and high standardization of the ayahuasca brew. It's the least thing I can do to express my thankfulness to ayahuasca.


  • ‘The vine of the soul’: Ayahuasca
  • Ayahuascerismo: To prepare the ayahuasca brew, set up the space for an ayahuasca ceremony, and conduct the ceremony.
  • Ayahuasquera: Female Ayahuascerismo practiser
  • Ayahuasquero: Male ayahuascerismo practiser
  • Brujo/Bruja- The literal translation for brujo is sorcerer and bruja is witch. These people dwell on the darker side of shamanism in Peru and throughout Latin America. A brujo is a shaman that does not necessarily act in a guests best interest, they act in their own interests. A brujo is most interested in money and power. There are more brujos than shamans in Peru because it is easier to become a brujo and oftentimes more profitable. The lines between shaman and brujo can get blurry as many shamans become tempted by money and/or power. Those shamans try to straddle both paths of love/light and power. Unfortunately the path of power is quite seductive.
  • Curanderismo: Originally Mexican American folk medicine but now used to describe folk medicine in general. The Spanish verb curar means to heal. Curanderos go beyond Western medicine, linking illness with evil spirits.
  • Curandera: Female healer
  • Curandero: Male healer
  • MHRB: Mimosa hostilis root bark
  • Tobaquero- a shaman that works with tobacco. Tobacco is a strong medicine , a strong purgative that cleans the body out. It can be drunk, snorted on its’ own or mixed with a brew such as ayahuasca.
  • Vegetalismo: Vegetalismo is a term used to refer to a practice of mestizo shamanism in the Peruvian Amazon in which the shamans — known as vegetalistas — are said to gain their knowledge and power to cure from the vegetales, or plants of the region.
  • Yage: Ayahuasca

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