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posted 51 days ago

Hey LockPicker, hope you are doing well!

Just wanted to let you know I approved a bunch of your redirect edits from 1-2 years ago. I had missed these due to not seeing a page specifically for approving new pages. My apologies. Thank you so much for your hard work, these edits are quite good and improve the indexability of our content majorly.


posted 267 days ago

I'm a content manager for and that is one of the main reasons why I am the main contributor to the Network page.

posted 270 days ago

And don't add random sources to the Network page with bad page ranking, especially in foreign languages. The page was already flooded with info long ago. We are striving to keep it as short and relevant as possible. We will most likely remove a lot of sources that you have added.

posted 270 days ago

Please do not add multiple sources without specifying them in the edit summary like you did here:

Avoid mixed edits (adding many sources, fixing a lot of grammar, etc, in one single edit), because it makes it harder to revert the edit if we have to.

posted 270 days ago

Thank you for your contributions, but please don't add sources to that are listed in (like MPP)

posted 493 days ago

I mean as in, is the invformation viable in your opinionion, do you think it belongs there?

posted 493 days ago

So you aproove the other ones right?

posted 493 days ago

hey, why did u delete my methcathinone page?

posted 511 days ago

Sure, I published it.

Also, just so you know, that page wasn't listed in the Unapproved Revisions page, which is strange. This means some edits aren't showing up for approval, for whatever reason. If you notice any other edits like this, please let me know. Thanks.