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posted 27 days ago

Hello, please ok my Safer Injection Guide Edit.

posted 780 days ago

Could you format out a section on the psychonaut media index page so that music bands can be added?

posted 1253 days ago

hey David, I wanted to ask if you could help me with an important task. I am currently trying to clean up and standardize the experience report section. Right now most of the reports are in this format: Dose Substance - Titled (e.g. 150ug LSD - My LSD Trip) but I am trying to make the default format into this: Substance (Dose, Route) - Title (e.g. LSD (150ug) - My LSD Trip). Could you help me out with this? It would be super useful.

posted 1576 days ago

Hello David,

I just wanted to thank you for your recent contributions, for the alcohol and Network pages especially. I really like that you added an "Artists" section! Your contributions are appreciated.

Have a nice day.

- Chris