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Reddit: Discord:The Amazing Collector#4621

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Dextromethorphan; Methcathinone; Codeine; Tramadol

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I watch documentaries on youtube constantly, and follow youtubers like The Drugs Classroom, Psyched Substance, chubbyemu, medlife crisis, and many other, like science channels and engineering or military videos.


I read articles about drugs every day, research substances all the time, since it is my hobby, I search Google for information and articles and read them. I use NCBI, PubMed, and many others.

Video games

Arma 3, War Thunder, CS GO, Garry's Mod, Half life- all of them. L4d2, GTA V, Rust, CS 1.6, CS CZ, Portal, CS Source, Minecraft, Battlefield 3,


I really like drinking tea. All kinds of tea. The more taste the better it is. It needs to be sweet, so I add sugar. Also milk is nice sometimes. I love coca cola, sprite, energy drink, but if I have to say a favorite one its tea. as for fizzy drinks it is fanta with lemon.

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November 19th


Chemistry, Medicine,

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Main contributor to Methcathinone page.

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Yes, psychonautwiki uses a rwvision approval system to manueallly publish a change after ut's ;beeen reviewed.The processs is extremely slow amd its a huge letfown for pages that have been beeen createated and no one one does a revision approval. I'm working on grttig our team to prioritize suhch brad ew articles sijce thatight take #1 Priority.

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I don't have the rights to

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Because unapproved pages have to be in the discussion area and only content was: "==Synthesis==" You've also did edits on the discussion page, I didn't revert these