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LSD: My Problem Child
LSD My Problem Child.png
Book Information
Title LSD: My Problem Child
Original title LSD - mein Sorgenkind
ISBN-13 9780070293250
ISBN-10 0070293252
OCLC 6251390
Author Albert Hofmann
Translator Jonathan Ott
Location New York
Publisher McGraw-Hill
Published 1980
Pages 209

LSD: My Problem Child (German: LSD: Mein Sorgenkind) is a 1980 book written by Swiss chemist Albert Hofmann about the history of LSD that he discovered in 1943. It contains a collection of Hofmanns encounters with scientists, artists, and hippies who were interested in his discovery for a variety of reasons, aswell as many personal anecdotes and insights. The full book is free available at Erowid and MAPS.

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