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Account information
Responsibilitiesscreaming loudly and making valid contributions here ;)
Contact detailsI don't give a shit, send me ANYTHING at this email address: Questions, fun facts, threats to shit in my mouth, whatever you want, send it there.

Other information
MoviesI just watch movies I like.
TVI don't watch TV, but I use YouTube a lot. Channels I watch: ralphthemoviemaker, YMS, IHE, Gordon Ramsay, PsychedSubstance, TDC, lots more.
BooksI read books sometimes, I suppose. Usually just shit I like to read about.
Video gamesA FUCKING LOT!!! :D

ROBLOX, sometimes Minecraft, a bit of flash games.

MagazinesFuck magazines.
SnacksTasty things. Blue cheese is yummy on chicken and chips, or as you weird British people call "crisps." mmmmm. crisssssssssssssssps.... >:^)
DrinksBeer w/ grape or apple juice and/or ginger ale, ginger ale, juice, water (often it's chemically tasting so I fucking hate it), milk.
Edits 346
Personal information
Real nameprednisone (because it's a corticosteroid ;])
LocationI'm in Pennsylvania,
HometownA place in Pennsylvania,
BirthdayJune 13th
OccupationI do things.
Places I have livedA place in Pennsylvania.
Schoolsscreaming and editing this wiki ;D
About meI do things here. esketit.
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posted 60 days ago

I ended up sending a file of a trip report to the email they listed. If it gets approved it gets approved if it don't it don't. We'll see.

posted 61 days ago

Yeah, we're in the same league now.

posted 87 days ago

hey, no thanks it's just a temporary pic.

posted 92 days ago


posted 98 days ago

I'll consult with the team and get back to you on this, we're all a bit busy right now.

posted 98 days ago

Download, install, and use at your own risk. Also, please refrain from making and uploading a bunch of diagrams just because you are bored. Just use as needed.

Also, please let me know when you this file has been successfully downloaded and installed.

posted 102 days ago

Hello Corticosteroid,

I hope all is well. Thank you for your recent contributions. They are improving noticeably, and it is very appreciated. However, I would like to ask that you please respect the edit summary space in accordance with our guidelines, which I have made explicit here:


posted 111 days ago

The file is going to be up soon. I'll send you a link when to it when it is ready.

Thanks for noticing we are in the process of removing the 3D images from our substance boxes. Any help here would be very appreciated. Also -- if you're feeling up for it, you can add the psychoactive/effect class mark up if it is missing it. An example of such a change is available here:

Additionally, we are trying to capitalize the first letter of all the substitutive and systematic names if they aren't already, as that is the standard scientific naming convention.

Also, please don't feel like you have to do any (or all) of these things at once. All contributions are appreciated and go towards improving the site, so just edit in the way you are most comfortable with.



posted 119 days ago

Hello. Yeah i think it means romantic? :D