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As responsible as I can be for an adult, but I also like to be an idiot and have fun v:

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Ask me.

Drug of choice

LSD and cannabis

Other information

New current shows: misadventures of puss and boots, american horror story, shameless, and bojack horseman.

Older shows I still like: two and a half men, animaniacs, road rovers, monk, teen titans, grim adventures of billy and mandy, super mario brother's super show, and various various cartoons. I am a fan of cartoons.


Random mixed shit but mostly rock, classic and new. I like avenged sevenfold, disturbed, ensiferum, nirvana, pink floyd, led zeppelin, journey, foreigner, def leppard, heart, fleetwood mac, the beatles, and many more.


Misery, Needful Things, Maximum Ride series, Deltora Quest series.

Video games

Elder scrolls Skyrim, Elder scrolls Oblivion, minecraft, Duke Nukem 3D, Ty the tasmanian tiger, Borderlands 1 and 2, mario party games. There are too many games to list, partially cause my bf has a huge game collection himself x3




I love a huge variety of food and not picky.. but I really dig pizza!


Tea, juice, almond milk, and smoothies.

Personal information
Real name

Skooma cat


I just wash dishes in a restaurant.

About me

Not much man, I just like to enjoy myself and trip out sometimes.

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posted 2325 days ago

Just keep trying to put it in the box

posted 2326 days ago

You can just...put it in the box.

posted 2331 days ago

you simply submit a trip report by: go the experiences page type in:

"Experience:(Dosage of drug) - Title" and then put in the trip report template and boom, type the content and publish