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Please reset your caffeine tolerance before you begin

Around 80% of the world population consumes caffeine. You need to make sure that you don't have any caffeine tolerance at all to experience the low caffeine quantity found in chocolate. In addition, it's possible that caffeine is cross-tolerant with other adenosine receptor antagonists found in cocoa like theophylline, and theobromine. Also, caffeine is metabolized in the liver into three primary metabolites: paraxanthine (84%), theobromine (12%), and theophylline (4%).

It may take 4-8 weeks of caffeine abstinence to reset tolerance in regular users.[1]


For everyday use, I recommend a light dose when you wake up, and another light dose in the middle of the day. To save you some time, see the common dosage to make a batch for two light doses.

For cocoa ceremonies, go for a single dose of 20-40 grams of cocoa.

Level Cocoa powder
per 65 kg body weight
Other ingredients
Threshold 5 grams, or 1 tbsp 1 tsp Ceyolon cinnamon,[1] freshly ground. 100 mL soy milk
Light 10 grams, or 2 tbsp 1 tsp Ceyolon cinnamon,[1] freshly ground. 200 mL soy milk
Common 20 grams, or 4 tbsp 2 tsp Ceyolon cinnamon,[1] freshly ground. 300 mL soy milk
Strong 30 grams, or 6 tbsp 3 tsp Ceyolon cinnamon,[1] freshly ground. 400 mL soy milk.
Heavy 40 grams, or 8 tbsp 4 tsp Ceyolon cinnamon,[1] freshly ground. 500 mL soy milk

Why low-carb?

Cacao has been used in combination with psilocybin mushroom (see also the mushroom chocolates recipe) to improve the trip. However, I strongly recommend against added sugar to food since it easily will impact your mood negatively, which will be greatly intensified on psychedelics. Just to demonstrate, each serving of cinnamon-based chocolate milk help you cut about 20 grams sugars; If you are regularly consuming dark chocolate milk twice per day, this is equivalent up to 40 g/day, 280 g/week, 1.1 kg/month, or 13 kg/year.

Functional dark chocolate milk versus typical chocolate milk
Homemade dark chocolate milk, vegan, low-carb 1 cup (244 g) chocolate-flavored drink,
whey and milk based[2]
2 tbsp (10.8 g) unsweetened cocoa[3] 1 cup (244 g) unsweetened soy milk[4] 1 tsp (2.6 g) cinnamon, ground[5][1]
Sugars 0.19 g 1.37 g 0.056 g 21.2 g
Total: 1.6 g
Caffeine 24.8 mg - - 2.44 mg
Theobromine 222 mg - - 122 mg

See also my fermented water recipe to produce an ethanol-base without sugar reserve.


  1. Use a fine strainer to get rid of large particles from the spices, this is for example common with cinnamon. This is an important step because they will not be ground in the blender.
  2. Put the milk in a bottle.
  3. Add the rest of the ingredients
  4. Screw the cap on the bottle, and shake it.

All the best! — David Hedlund

Long-term use

A 2019 meta-analysis revealed significant reduction of body weight and BMI when 30 grams or more cocoa and dark chocolate was taken per day for 4-8 weeks.[6]


1: Avoid cassia cinnamon. Cassia contains up to 12.18 mg/g coumarin. (He et al., 2005)

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