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Visual effects: At lower to moderate doses, DPT visuals tend to resemble more of an LSD trip, however as the dose increases, DPT visuals can approach that of DMT in complexity and structure.

Many visuals between DPT and DMT are similar in quality and complexity but with DPT the visuals often tend to take on a more sinister tone. The anesthetized quality DPT elicits often makes the visuals appear more surreal and less 'real' than DMT visuals, however the experience can also be more disorienting due to this factor.

The visuals of a high dose DPT trip have the refined visual sheen, structure and gloss of being seemingly 'more real than reality.' Patterns often replicate into spiraling patterns that are fractal in structure and go on as far as the field of vision can see, often giving way to new sets of patterns. Sometimes the visuals on DPT are more pronounced than others, yet on less intricate visuals trips there is often a sense of being thrust into and through and all-encompassing void where sense of direction is significantly altered, often causing the sensations of floating or falling.

The hallucinatory phenomena of DPT can range from distortions of objects within a room to complex entities such as deities, bats, entities, orbs, etc. which often replicate themselves in a fractal manner or transform into some other form in the mind's eye. Unlike DMT, where visuals often seem like they practically could be composed no other way, DPT visuals are often less deterministic and there is often a sense of 'scene changes' where the quality and complexity of the scene can transfer to something completely different. Daniel Pinchbeck, author of Breaking Open the Head [1] comments on the entities of DPT that "They often appear as if they want to be admired. At other times there seemed to be bat or butterfly-winged creatures long and quivering antennaes, velvet coats and emerald eyes, stiletto talonsrising into otherworldly skies, wandering futuristic cities. I had an impression of tremendous vanity. I was being used as a mirror for the DPT beings to admire themselves."

Cognitive effects: DPT tends to make the user feel slightly anesthetized but, unlike dissociatives, still aware. At low to moderate doses, much of the cognitive effects are not too dissimilar from LSD or mushrooms. At higher does, the mind tends to pull personal experiences into abstract phenomenal worlds, or bizarre hallucinatory and/or spiritual images to what the mind gravitates to. Most of the cognitive assimilation of the DPT trip comes on during the latter half of the trip as in the first half the mind is usually overwhelmed by the sensorium that comes across the mind.