Experience: 30mg 2C-B + Nitrous Oxide - Full body pleasure

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Date of experience: 26th March 2021, 6PM UK time

Age at time of experience: 22

Gender and sex: Male

Weight: 60 kg

Relevant experience: I've used 2CB many times before, but never at this dosage. I have also used Nitrous whippets with 2C-B on multiple occasions.


This was my first time taking this much 2C-B. It was the last of the batch I have and was feeling adventurous. I was aware that 2C-B is extremely dose-sensitive as in, several milligrams more can make a large difference in experience. It came on the form of 3 pink pills listed at 25mg, but it's implausible for each pill to be this dose. Each pill is estimated to be 10mg each.

I took the first 2 pills at 18:15 with no noticeable effects felt until around 18:50. At that point the general physical effects came on; stimulation, a little bit of nausea and pupil dilation slowly taking hold but nothing I couldn't handle. At the hit of 7PM I took the next pill.

10 minutes later, things started to hit.

The Next Hour or So

This was a very interesting hour. For some context, there are some LED lights hooked up all around my room with a bright biege carpet which makes symmetrical texture repetition very easy to see.

Physically I was becoming much more tingly and sensitive with spontaneous bodily sensations, nausea and tactile enhancement all becoming apparent. However there was no vomiting throughout the experience. For some reason, all psychedelics including 2C-B have a strange effect on my hair; naturally it's very thick and wavy, but on trips it suddenly becomes very strandy and clumped up until groomed. Sweating was also a major physical effect, especially in the armpits and palms which made me take my shirt off for a majority of the experience.

At this point, the open eye visuals had basically been sent into overdrive. There was an overlap between symmetrical texture repetition and bright pink, two-dimensional geometry. Drifting text on my PC screen, mild tracers and a lot of pattern recognition enhancement all became apparent. At this point, it was a permanent (although faint) part of my vision. Mentally, this had stumped me and emotionally felt comparable to low-dose of LSD, mainly due to being slightly overwhelming visuals and the clear headed nature of Bees slowly disappearing. After using a few distraction methods things were relatively normal soon.

NOTE: In regards to visuals in the majority of cases, I cannot see CEVs unless in the same position as you would want to see a phosphene (i.e. putting prolonged pressure to the back of my eye). I'm fully blind in my left eye so makes experiencing 3D geometry with any depth difficult.

The geometry I saw with closed eyes was extremely interesting. The majority of it was green white and pink, and seemed to be in constant rotation on itself like a kaleidoscope. It was well defined, always two-dimensional and all moving in one way or another, only in the form of shapes or colours. It seemed like there were several little segments of rotations, each having their own centre and its own spin cycle (some would be clockwise and others would be anti clockwise). By the end of the phosphene "cycle", there's an almost rainbow-ish hue to the centre of the geometrical shapes, which causes a burn-in once my eyes have returned to normal vision as you would expect.

The Nitrous

At around 8PM I got the Nitrous out. I had 9 nitrous whippets at my disposal, opened with a whippet cracker covered by a piece of cloth to remove any industrial impurities. At this point I was shaking and sweating a little bit, but nothing out of control like on high-dose MDMA. Putting on Rick and Morty in the background which I usually do on trips to set the mood, I sat down in my desk chair and slowly took in my breaths from the balloon, making sure to take deep breaths of normal oxygen halfway in. To try and fit the feeling of nitrous, the music I was listening to at the time had a very strong start and had a steep rise in intensity and barely stopping until it was over.

What resulted was the closest to a full body orgasm I've ever had, and this was after experience with MDMA. My eyes were rolling back into their sockets, my cheeks were twitching, my hands were tingling with some sort of sensations and waves of electric pleasure were pulsating down to my feet. It was the most intense physical feeling of my life. The visuals at this point were warped even further if open-eyed, and behind closed eyes the visuals are similar to the previously mentioned phosphene-CEVs although pressure is not needed. The lights had changed to a rapid flash of red, blue and green to add to the intensity. Mentally it was more of a depersonalization and derealization; if someone were to try and get my attention they probably wouldn't get any reaction from a twitching, drooling puddle of physical euphoria. This slowly faded as is expected, and this effect continued to repeat itself the next few times until I ran out of whippets.

The Comedown

For the next few hours the drifting and tracers were noticable, but the geomtry had somewhat of a presence against the white PC screen. It wasn't too difficult mentally to come down from, and I can expect to be back to normal tomorrow.