Experience:10mg & 20mg Intravenous DPT HCl - Familiar Shapes, Experiencing Death, Immersed in The Light

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Experience reports - DPT


(with 10mg, i.v.) There was dissolved 10mg DPT in .2mL sterile saline solution, injected into the cephalic vein (at crook of arm). Onset was instantaneous — a massive rush of euphoria, the air became thick and dripped with ever-shifting geometry. I was immobilized but pleasantly so. I felt a push to close my eyes, simply enjoying the beautiful, impossibly familiar shapes transform behind my eyelids. Sharp drop in activity at about 8 minutes, and I was able to speak with my trip-sitter. Baseline at 20 minutes. This was a wonderful, serene experience.

(with 20mg, i.v.) There was dissolved 20mg DPT in .5mL sterile saline solution, injected as previously described. At 1 second, my whole visual field was disintegrating, as that familiar buzz-hum roared through my entire being. At 2 seconds, I felt a pressure around me — like I was in a centrifuge. At 3 seconds, this pressure became an unstoppable force, and I couldn’t tell if my eyes were open or closed. Kaleidoscopic motion rapidly decayed, swirling apart like galaxies bursting and losing all form, a chaos like every individual star moving in a different direction. I realized I was dying, but I was not afraid. Some part of me knew it was not a literal death of the body, so I thought “I accept this death”, and I died.

Infinite luminous light. Nothing. All.

I could not describe this eternal moment.

Ineffable, everything.

I opened my eyes, the visual noise gathering itself back into cosmic order. Once I was able to identify that I was back, the supreme intensity of the experience dropped as abruptly as it had begun. It felt like it had all happened in a second, but was in fact 15 minutes. I was speechless for several hours, completely rapt in awe and reverence.

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