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Project Coordination; Technical Operations, Public Relations. Ensuring Accountability, Diligence, Excellence and Integrity.
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Armodafinil, Concerta, Qualia.
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Kenan Sulayman
June 3rd
Engineering Lead at Styla; other: PsychonautWiki, SIGINT/EW, Tor
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The evolution of humankind lies in the alteration of consciousness.
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posted 3 days ago

Hello! After a rather long, unannounced break due to a lot of personal issues, I'm going to be coming back to psychonaut wiki. Just wanted to let you know

posted 3 days ago

Hello! After a rather long, unannounced break due to a lot of personal issues, I'm going to be coming back to psychonaut wiki. Just wanted to let you know

posted 22 days ago

Oops! My apologies!

posted 245 days ago

Of course, will do. Sorry about that.

posted 291 days ago

Sure; I believe I only did that on the geometry:talk out of laziness because it's a repository for to-be-reviewed items (I'm fixing now). If you mean something else please lemme know.

posted 358 days ago

I don't understand how to navigate this site enough to edit it properly. As a suggestion, perhaps an article should be added for "Icaros", which are the songs (i.e. something verbal that is ordinarily perceived as an auditory sensation) the Ayahuasceros sing to induce pictorial representations, rich tapestries of colors and patterns that are visually seen. A shaman who is one of the Ayahuascero people is expected to memorize as many icaros as they can.

Also, biofeedback seems relevant to the field of psychonautics. Perhaps someone can create an article for biofeedback. Again, just a suggestion.

posted 362 days ago

Hey man,

How come the following edit I made was reverted? http://psychonaut3z5aoz.onion/w/index.php?title=Network&oldid=116918

Expect to see me making more edits in future

posted 368 days ago

Maybe it's not best to copy verbatim a wikipedia article, but is there any reason the site shouldn't have an article about icaros? (And if yes, why not simply improve the existing article?) Also, why did you revert the changes made on the DXM page to exclude interactions with buproprion? It seems necessary for the page to at least make some mentioning of DXM interacting with a dopaminergic drug rather than just MAOIs and serotonergic agents exclusively, right?

posted 437 days ago

Yes I can fix in fact I highly recommend this be done. As it reads now people who know the difference like myself will feel that the rest of the sites information is volatile and not reliable. This is not good for you and those invested in making a valuable wiki of accurate information and not DIS-information. Good thing I did not follow the PST direction from this site or I could have become very ill from toxicity and wasted money. Poppy seeds should NEVER be heated as the heat releases the "bad" alkaloid "latex" from within the seed. It only takes about 5 minutes to make using cold water extraction. The recipe should follow a 1 to 2 ratio of seeds to water. Reddits poppyseedtea sub is a wealth of information, this is where you will find the PST professionals. Whomever wrote the pst page on Psychonaut should be on a "time out" from posting, better yet send them to PST University before they can ever post again. Tisk Tisk

posted 437 days ago

The recipe for poppy seed tea is wrong and misleading. The current directions on the PST page will lead to toxic waste not PST