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Drug of choice

All mind opening substances but primarily Ketamine & LSD

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Metal, Drum & Bass, Acid Techno and basically anything and everything with a beat

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David Johnson


July 9th


IT Systems Administrator and Developer

About me

Passionate Harm Reductionist and Advocate of community knowledge sharing via forums, social media and social movements

Ex Administrator of the leading Facebook group Sesh Safety

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posted 2313 days ago

Hi David, thanks for your edit.

We absolutely prohibit links to pages that sell anything, unless the project is very notable _AND_ the shop is more of a side note on the respective site.

The first page you have linked to (thetalkgroups dot uk) literally says "Clothing and other merchandise for The Talk Groups." under its logo.

We avoid shops of others nearly as much as we avoid having a shop ourselves. The very idea of the wiki is to be pure, honest and humble.

The other page you linked to is based on Facebook.

I'm not going to reiterate why social media and substance-use-related discussion don't mix.

We protect the privacy of our users with everything that we have. I have seen the data behind Facebook from the other side and I cannot possibly vouch for the privacy of our users when inside a group hosted on Facebook.


p.s.: I highly appreciate that you are using our hidden service.

posted 2321 days ago

hey! im an admin on sesh safety too but i recently had to shut down my facebook account due to reasons. Feel free to add me on telegram or discord if you want to talk :)