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  • Contributor on Swedish laws and regulations surrounding research chemicals and novel psychotropic substances.
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    Drug of choice

    Stimulants (But mostly nicotine and caffeine, preferably together)

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    Blues, Soul, Rock, and Metal.


    Brandy or cognac, neat. Preferably VSOP.

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    Assistant Laboratory Technician (4 years of research experience)

    About me

    Talk to me about pharmacology and toxicology! If you have questions regarding the Swedish legality or regulation surrounding specific compounds, pharmaceuticals, or novel psychotropic substances or research chemicals, then feel free to ask me!

    Currently working on a critical review to be released in The Journal of Medical Toxicology and Clinical Forensic Medicine.

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    posted 35 days ago

    A fellow Swedish indulger of illicit substances! A well read one too. I was delighted by your friend request. I do have questions regarding the legality of certain compounds so I will be messaging you soon :)

    posted 38 days ago

    Oh I completely missed that, sorry. Done.

    posted 38 days ago

    I reviewed the page, made some edits, and approved it. It would be great if you could add to the chem and pharmacology sections. Thanks for bringing this to my attention!