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Preserve and enhance the magnificent process that is DXM preparation and extraction. Mental preparation, proper extraction, planning, guidance, and safety. I also have a great taste for pharmaceutical stimulants, sleep deprivation, and any psychedelic that may ever come back my way.

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Please feel free to ask me anything that you'd like to know, as long as it's about being 250 pounds and having to chug 4 ounces of 1100mg-DXM infused, pure lemony death! It's my specific area of expertise.


Stimulants will teach a person what they're capable of- At their best and their worst.

Depressants will teach a person the value of relaxation- and the curses of disinhibition.

Deliriants will teach a person control- Of the worst fears and the best ideas.

Psychedelics will teach you how to connect with the world around you,

And dissociatives will teach you just who you've really become.

Drug of choice

"You like your weed yeah, try this. It's DXM. She'll throw a mask on ya, shove a mirror in front of your face and leave it there for hours. She's a cruel bitch."

DXM, such a beautifully powerful drug. Powerful, yet gentle to those who respect it. 4 entirely different experiences in one drug. Legal and easy to acquire. A ritual to prepare. 5 different stories told by one substance.

I'm not even gonna start on combinations. Yum.

Other information

Terminator series (Yup, even the new ones)


Dexter, like it was even a decision.


Coldplay (Reserved in a special place in my heart), and almost everything else out there.


Enjoy reading the articles on #NotSponsored

Video games

Train Simulator :), Civilization V


I suppose you could say here too! #NotSponsored


Mmmmm... Everything edible


A nice coffee is always a great thing :D

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Personal information
Real name

Brett Maul




Westlock, Canada


June 3rd


Super duper huge Canadian redneck truck driver, Cattle handler, student, and world champion deliriant consumer.

Places I have lived

Westlock CAN, Edmonton CAN.


NAIT Business Admin Accounting

About me

One of my biggest hobbies is being a Rail Fan- Toot Toot! Train Simulator for days. Well, on the days that I'm not being a recluse and visiting the barren wasteland that is my house (It has no Wi-Fi).

I am a student studying accounting in college and enjoy doing so, but I am most purely an autodidactic when it comes to my knowledge of the all-encompassing art known as psychonautism. I think that's a word that's a thing. But anyways, I love knowledge.

I am someone who is deeply enthralled by the cause-effect interactions of the body and physical substances, so you'll probably see me editing wiki pages about Dissociates (Personal favourite, rich in mystery) or other interesting stuff.

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posted 2637 days ago

Hey Brettmaul, I appreciate your display of interest in more spirituality/Buddhism related content. While it's not my top priority considering how much time it'd take for me to write stuff that I feel would do the topic justice, I could definitely probably start something on a talk page and see if it goes anywhere interesting.

In the meanwhile, you might find this book worthwhile. It concerns specifically the subject of Nirvana/Nibbana, but keep in mind it might not be that accessible without a background in Buddhist history/scriptures. I'm thinking if it's inaccessible to people without specialized knowledge, I can maybe translate aspects of it here:

Metta :)


posted 2651 days ago

hey, I like your chart idea. If you want to work on any random project you can just do it on any extention of your usernames page. Here would be a good place to start: User:Brettmaul/supercoolproject.

posted 2659 days ago

thanks, im glad you enjoy the site :) let me know if you need help contributing to it or editing stuff <3

posted 2660 days ago

welcome to the site!