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posted 2912 days ago

Hey there, thanks so much for writing those preparations on our wiki. :) You did an amazing job. I have finally finished proofreading them/grammar checking. I also formatted them to be more consistent with the rest of the wiki and changed the titles a bit.
They are located here now:,_recrystalization,_or_blotting
I also moved your to-do list section to the talk page here:,_recrystalization,_or_blotting
Thanks again <3 These are quality harm reduction tutorials and im also going to link the last two in the responsible drug use portal as well

posted 2927 days ago

hey there,

Thank you so much for the edits. You did a great job on the 2-Fl-2'-Oxo-PCM article!

I have expanded upon the article and tidied it up a fair amount.

I also moved it from 2-Fl-2'-Oxo-PCM to 2-Fluorodeschloroketamine as this is what wikipedia and bluelight are referring to it as.

posted 2932 days ago

Thanks, that would be better I think :)

posted 2932 days ago

Hey, we are in dire need of a dangerous interactions page so it would be great if you could help. The original page was deleted because it was mostly incomplete. There's no specific format that you would need to follow. I really like the idea of having a drop down menu so please follow up with me if you create this. :) I use the one a lot.

If you need a guide for determining which substances are dangerous to combine, we have dangerous interactions sections on all of our substance pages in the toxicity and harm potential sections. For example:

TripSit also told us that we can host their dangerous combinations chart on our wiki if we give them full credit.


BTW, one question: Does "IPA" in your IPA extraction guide stand for isopropyl alcohol?