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Psychedelic Therapy narrative review (04/19/20, >50 meta analyses, 73 references, 5 books):

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Note: Learning techniques is an updated version of part of this document; the author received enough harassment upon creation of this index to trigger physiological stress responses (hence a leave of absence).


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The Tripsitting Index is a collection of wiki articles designed to serve as a comprehensive reference work for the diverse range of behavioral techniques that may aid functional behavior or dissuade dysfunctional behavior during both ordinary and nonordinary states of consciousness.

Tripsitting entries are composed of four parts: 1) internal components affecting phenomenological experience 2) external components affecting phenomenological experience 3) any other relevant information and 4) external references. Tripsitting articles implement a formalized writing style that seeks to avoid reliance on flowery metaphors or analogies, preferring instead to use ordinary language.

The contents of this index are principally derived from the collective experiences and analyses of our contributors, various anecdotal reports collected from the internet, and (whenever possible) the published scientific literature.

Cannabinoid tripsitting
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Miscellaneous hallucinogen tripsitting

Depressant tripsitting

Stimulant tripsitting

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