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Page title should be Nutmeg, not Myristicin

Very few people have taken myristicin isolated from nutmeg, and it's clear the editors of this page are only describing the nutmeg experience. It's about myristicin only in name. In fact, the article lead can't go more than one sentence without conflating myristicin and nutmeg:

Myristicin is a naturally-occurring deliriant substance of the phenylpropene class. It is present in small amounts in the essential oil of nutmeg and, to a lesser extent, in other spices such as parsley and dill.[1] It acts as an anticholinergic in very high doses[citation needed], and has been shown to act on the endocannabinoid system.[2] [reference talks about nutmeg oil, not myristicin]

[...Suddenly the article becomes about Nutmeg]

Then, in the Pharmacology section, Elemicin is listed as

Elemicin is found in nutmeg alongside myrisitcin [...]


Elemicin is likely to have similar effects to myristicin.

If the article tells the reader elemicin is practically identical to myristicin why is the title of the page "Myristicin"? You could go on to explain the concentration of myristicin is larger than elemicin in nutmeg. So the page is about nutmeg after all? I understand the intentions behind naming the article "Myristicin", since it's the main suspect for nutmeg's psychoactivity. But isn't it cleaner to just title the page "Nutmeg", a term that accounts for all the details and exceptions? (exceptions such as it's unknown if myristicin and elemicin are only components responsible for the nutmeg experience as whole, particularly its subjective effects that resemble cannabis intoxication.)

Make a separate article about isolated myristicin if there's demand for it, but to title "Myristicin" an article that in fact is about nutmeg is plainly wrong, awkward at best. --Conclavium (talk) 16:39, 17 May 2021 (UTC)

This is all correct, from what we know in 20grams of fresh nutmeg, there will only be 400mgs max of myristicin. This is a moderate dose. Elemicin and safrole and known to be in-active. Idk why this article is so messed up even going as far as comparing it to Datura and DPH... SmilexGwG (talk) 00:39, 21 June 2021 (UTC)

If there are no objections, I'll move the page soon. Some post-move cleanup to reflect the new subject will be necessary. Information solely pertaining myristicin will be moved to a section of its own, probably in the Chemistry section along other chemicals found in nutmeg. I'll be taking inspiration from the structure of the Cannabis article. Like nutmeg, Cannabis is occurs naturally and its effect isn't caused by one single constituent. --Conclavium (talk) 14:22, 22 June 2021 (UTC)

This articles a mess..

Almost everything stated in this article is incorrect.

Nutmeg does not contain a compound with a nitrogen compound meaning it cant be a deliriant since it doesn't fit the nATc receptor set.

It is thought to be a compound that releases/inhibits the break down of endo-cannabinoids. These endo-cannabinoids can fully agonize the CBx receptors. This can cause hallucinations, delirium, and death in high doses in a similar way to a synthetic cannabinoid. Because of this is should not be listed as a deliriant, nor should it be compared to true deliriants several time in this article.

Also, Myristicin is not the main active compound in Nutmeg. Myristicin when isolated and used alone causes light stimulation. Not cannabinoid like effects. Also only 400mgs is present in a high 20gram dose of nutmeg. This means Myristicin cannot be the main compound in Nutmeg. Also Elemicin and Safrole should not be mentioned so much since they have both been proven to be in-active on their own.

One last thing, this whole article needs to be re-done. Almost all of its information is incorrect and not everything can be edited. SmilexGwG (talk) 00:46, 21 June 2021 (UTC)

Hi! Your edit to the article adds a lot of content that was missing, which is good. But you need to provide references for the statements. I'll revert it until we sort out these issues. If you need help with anything you can contact me. Conclavium (talk) 12:07, 22 June 2021 (UTC)