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Experience reports - 4-HO-MiPT

  • Date: Saturday April 23, 2016 5:30 PM


I am quite an experienced psychedelic user, new to the RC scene however. I've eaten mushrooms more times than I can count, mostly 5+ years ago and almost always at the 3.5g dose range. A few times recently but have only worked up to a couple grams. Most of this report will be transcribed, edited/added to from a notepad where I took notes throughout most of the experience. I tested this substance orally at 5mg 2 weeks prior with great results. Incredible body high, altered thought, bright room, insanely happy, increased pot euphoria, quite horny, temp retreat from stresses[didn't even cross mind for 4 hours]

0 min: I took a pre weighed gel cap with a sip of water on a mostly empty stomach. My plan was to watch TV until I felt it and then go with the flow. I was already slightly baked on some nice headband by Tweed. Great cheap medical cannabis.

25 min: Overly smiley and giggly at stupid TV show which I often find annoying.'

1 h: Definitely tripping now. The light in the room slowly got brighter and brighter the past hour and everything is slightly morphing.' Start listening to music via my phones speakers. It's a fairly recently downloaded electronic mix and it's almost good but somewhat unsettling. I remember not wanting to play music on my PC's speakers for some reason..

1 h, 15 min: I decide to switch my monitors to my kickass desktop wallpaper slideshow and lie down on the couch and try to notice any CEVs. 'CEVs which are themed by one of my wallpapers [A majestic picture of a lion and sunset] slowly start to develop with symmetry and dance to the music, which is starting to get good and feel less unsettling.' Colored outlines making a lion head in an almost kaleidoscope pattern.. Amazing but not as strong as previous trip CEVs.

1 h, 30 min: Very visually psychedelic without much push.' When lying down I sure felt like I could see things from a very shifted perspective, tho it was somewhat mentally retarding. 'I roll out my yoga mat and start dancing on it.' Feels great on my now bear feet.

1 h, 45 min: Very smiley while meditating on the couch.' Quite distracted and not properly able to focus and meditate, rather relax in position and enjoy the CEVs. I remember a wild visual of the upper torso of a bald munk looking man with a waterfall of sorts coming out of his face and running down his body and I remember the water taking an anti gravity effect and spiraling around him with snake-like scales. It was not super strong, but with eyes closed it crept up to about 50% opacity. Fucking wild and wish I could have made it stronger. I should have at this point tested weather CEV's wear stronger with eyes in a pillow[pitch black] or while facing in the direction of a light source like monitor, lamp, or candle. I remember doing this later once the visuals started to wear off and it was tough to tell a difference.

1 h, 50 min: Time to smoke some pot.' I loaded a fat one hitter into my bong [indica this time] and hit it hard, immediately wishing that I smoked sooner. It was at this point that the come up anxiety faded rather quickly and I switched to a more chilled out mix on my itunes. Actually being able to feel the bass via these real speakers is amazing 'but writing and formulating structured sentences is very hard.' It took me like 5 minutes to write 'formulating structured sentences' in my notes haha. Definitely feeling the trypt toes [a familiar tightness in the tendons of my feet whenever I take a decent dose of acid or shrooms. Slippers help]

2 h: Mind numbing without any push. Super psychedelic doe.. Chill music is fucking amazing. Previous mix was too bouncy and hyped, was contributing to come up anxiety I think. 'Gonna smoked more pot in hopes of keeping it going.'

2 h, 15 min: Listening to a familiar mix on itunes should be a standard when testing, along with hand written trip reports to be transcribed and added to next day' Exploded my pajama pants crotch when jumping off the couch excitedly to write previous note lol.

2 h, 20 min: I find my music and desktop wallpaper rotation hysterically awesome. It's a care free psychedelic getaway. I look fucking great in the mirror.' Serious I thought I looked sexy as fuck.

2 h, 30 min: It's time to test a beer. I am hoping to soon get hungry and devour pizza. I must say before cracking the molsen I feel fucking amazing/incredible/holy fucking shit! Great body high.' After a couple sips of a Molsen Canadian tallboy I feel a little more human and decide to try some trailmix. It was damn good and causes me to heat up a slice of pizza.

2 h, 45 min: Literally everything is awesome. Everything I throw at it gets better and better.' I start listening to a favorite deep house mix and wrote mind 'meltingly great :)!'

3 h, 30 min: Next time go deeper def. Maybe 18mg with a beer and indica right off the hop.' At this point I had two tall beers, equal to 4 reg beers and the trip mostly wore off other than brightness, mood lift, and music appreciation. I thought of taking a 5mg bump to see if I could bring any of it back, but decided with all the booze in me it would be a waste. I could tell that I would have no problem sleeping soon so why start the ball rolling again.

4 h: Wish I had chocolate! -- found some! gum is great too, go figure!'

All in all I'd say I had a fantastic time on this substance. Felt completely normal the next morning, a little better than normal infact. It seems to have almost all the psychedelic nature of the mushroom but without the push or nausea. Mother nature doesn't whisper to you like with the shroom, at least not at these low doses. I plan to do more testing this summer with this and other substances, ideally out in nature. Peace out folks :)

Submitted by - Tymush

Effects analysis

  • Laughter - "Overly smiley and giggly at stupid TV show which I often find annoying."
  • Colour enhancement - "the room slowly got brighter and brighter"
  • Drifting - "and everything is slightly morphing."
  • Geometry - "Colored outlines making a lion head in an almost kaleidoscope pattern"
  • Focus suppression - "Quite distracted and not properly able to focus and meditate"
  • Internal hallucination - "I remember a wild visual of the upper torso of a bald munk looking man with a waterfall of sorts coming out of his face and running down his body and I remember the water taking an anti gravity effect and spiraling around him with snake-like scales."
  • Language suppression - "writing and formulating structured sentences is very hard."
  • Increased music appreciation - "Chill music is fucking amazing."