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Responsibilities are for pussies my friend (stereotypical Russian accent) - no offense my friends

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I don't really watch TV, but if you think about TV shows then: Adventure Time, South Park and some other pretty trippy things


Mostly different kinds of psychedelic music, but I listen to normal peoples music too.


I cant read

Video games

Any game, in which you can't win just by having a good skill. I love games that put you under pressure, and of course different puzzle/physics games.

Haven't been playing anything in a while


Stuff, that you can find in most stores and markets but mostly in gardens.


More I got pulled in psychs, less I was drinking alcohol.

It's really hard to be that specific.

Personal information
Real name

Raimonds Jermaks




July 21st


Right now studying software engineering and working as a IT guy in local Arts school.


Finished some IT stuff, and Mechatronics. Right now studying software engineering, just for the sake of coding knowledge involved so I can use everything I learn as a tool to create and replicate

About me

I'm always have been person who sucks at presenting himself, so I can't say anything special right now. Kinda exploring life with some extra help from flow arts, psychedelics and something something else :D

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posted 2234 days ago

Hey stinray <3 I love your avater :P It's cosmic