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What do you think about it?

@David Hedlund: The proposed content would be in violation of our neutrality and anti-advocacy policies. It can easily be construed as us recommending which substances to take relative to others, as opposed to simply documenting them. Additionally, there is the issue of seemingly suggesting that people take prescribed medication for non-medical purposes and thereby encouraging abuse of the healthcare system. Finally, the proposal that we get around the issue of pharmaceutical classification by restricting the listed pharmaceuticals to the 'WHO List of Essential Medicines' would mean we could not refer to our list as simply 'pharmaceuticals' without being misleading, as these would be a very specific set of pharmaceuticals. We simply can not host a list of this nature without taking a definite political, legal, or ethical stance, unfortunately. I'd advise saving your time and just giving up on trying to make this list work. It is outside the scope of the wiki. --Clarity (talk) 08:30, 4 December 2017 (CET)