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Tripping balls in the name of science for the good of the cosmos!

Transcending this mortal plane through the power of hallucinogen induced nerd rage!

(Previously known as Josificus)

It's that big red angry face which spends way too much of its time on the internet writing about drugs and the cosmos and shit.

I have dedicated my life to mapping out that which has never before been mapped out. I genuinely believe that exploration of inner space is the next frontier for the human species and has the potential to change us all on a level never previously anticipated by society at large. I am full of purpose and there is nothing else that I would rather be doing with this life. I know with complete certainty that this is the most effective way for me to make a difference, help as many people as possible and simply do some good on this earth before my short insignificant life comes to its inevitable end.

  • disregard everything I say.
  • every molecule is sacred.
  • the world is a beautiful place and I am no longer afraid to die.
  • are you dreaming?
  • are you certain that this is completely realistic?

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Personal blog :

Projects in progress : User:Josificus/Writings and Notes

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My personal ultimate ego death trip playlist : here (best listened to on shuffle, will probably be hated by most) <3 :3 <3 :3 <3 :3

Submitted trip reports

Non default settings

  • Depersonalisation - a complete lack of any sense of self. I am a philosophical zombie.
  • HPPD - persistent low level geometry
  • Voices in head - Me, georgina and the subconscious
  • Open eye hallucinations - can activate any and all objects within mind's eye to perform impossible actions in a high level of detail
  • Tourettes syndrome - swear and scream when I have intrusive thoughts by myself since childhood
  • Spontaneous states of unity - often feel one with universe during states of contemplation perhaps a few times a week
  • Religious breakdowns - often breakdown and cry tears of joy over how incredible and perfect this universe is perhaps a few times a week

Clearly I am a danger to myself and others... According to the standard literature at least.

Just incase I die

As requested... written for Oskykins, Cocoanatta and PJosepherum or anybody else who cares:

  • Study the subjective effects index as it stands until a point of complete familiarity with the terminologies, descriptions and leveling systems.
  • Document any and all substances while primarily focusing on hallucinogens. Also document and explore other fields of psychonautics such as sensory deprivation, tulpas, holotropic breathwork, sleep deprivation and meditation.
  • Name, define and describe all previously undocumented subjective effect components which you may encounter in your travels and add them to the index.
  • Document simple preparation/growing methods of entheogens and other substances.
  • Pursue system automation, stastical data collection, content submission automation etc etc
  • Find people capable of image and video hallucinogenic replication
  • Strive to never let PW or DEIS degrade and ensure the quality and legitimacy of our content / community continues to expand and grow with time.
  • Dont give up, meditate as often as possible (erry day) and keep on keeping on <3

Funeral playlist

I would like to request these songs in this specific order :)[1]

  1. Time - pink floyd
  2. What fills the gap - will cady
  3. Be born - tally hall
  4. Ripple - the grateful dead
  5. One more time with feeling - regina spektor
  6. Galaxy song - monty python
  7. Hush - Afroman
  8. Nothing is something worth doing - shpongle