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Countries that have criminalized CBD

  • Hong Kong: Illegal in Hong Kong since 1st February 2023, punishable by 7 years imprisonment.[1]

Warning for laced CBD products

"At least 128 samples out of more than 350 tested by government labs in nine states, nearly all in the South, had synthetic marijuana in products marketed as CBD." -

Researchers have tested 137 flower samples for cannabinoid content. Some THC levels have reached up to 11.08% THC. Eighty-nine plants produced flowers with more than the legal limit of 0.3% THC. CBD levels reached up to 16.7%. Twelve plants have developed THC with no CBD, data have shown. -

Scam CBD buds

Det finns fler aktörer på marknaden (,,,, etc) som säljer buds med 10%+ CBDA+CBD och under 0.2% THCA+THC, men som inte säljer dess frön. Jag är skeptisk till om detta är sant då jag inte sett någon i världen som säljer sådana här frön, hur kan det vara möjligt?

"The top two ways to fake a flower is by changing its genetic origin, or by artificially altering CBD/THC levels.

The second common way to fake a flower is by artificially changing the CBD:THC ratio. Without going into details, there are known ways to do this, and you should be aware of it. The result is a flower with altered CBD:THC levels and usually a different terpene profile. Since the flower’s terpenes are in many cases what makes the difference between good strains and not-as-good strains, you should pay attention to this and test everything carefully." - ​

These buds are probably:

  • Finola (which can be up to 15% CBDA+CBD). Also, it should be possible to pick buds with lower CBDA+CBD content by harvesting Finola during early flower, or by separating the flowers of the bottom branches that receives less light.
  • Sprayed with CBD isolate.


CBD isolate vs CBD oil

Cold pressed hemp oil

Hemp oil must be heated after it has been cold pressed: "Cannabidiol exists in two states, CBD and CBD-a. Both are being studied to discover their individual effects on the body. CBD-a, which grows directly on hemp and cannabis, shows a great potential for different types of treatment. However, its effects haven’t been researched as extensively as CBD. When CBD-a is heated to 248°F, it loses its acid chain in a process called decarboxylation (also referred to as “activation”) and becomes CBD. All our products go through this process. CBD has been well studied and has a more pronounced effect than CBD-a due to more efficiently binding to the body’s Cannabidiol receptors." -

Full spectrum

CBD in a whole plant extract was over 4 times more potent than isolated CBD -

See also

Entourage effect

The entourage effect is a proposed mechanism by which compounds present in cannabis which are largely non-psychoactive by themselves modulate the overall psychoactive effects of the plant (these resulting principally from the action of the main psychoactive component of cannabis, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)).

3rd-party lab tests are recommended

To avoid impurities, 3rd-paty lab tested CBD should be considered.

Home growing


"The EU common agricultural policy subsidises growing certain varieties of the cannabis plant for industrial uses, provided their THC content does not exceed 0.2 %." -

legal strains

The Colorado Industrial Hemp Program registers growers of industrial hemp and samples crops to verify that the THC concentration does not exceed 0.3% on a dry weight basis. -

Charlotte's web

Finola (previously FIN-314)

In summary:

The total amount of CBD in FINOLA can range between 1-15%.

For carefully tended female flowers without seed, the amount of CBD is typically between 5-10%, and may even exceed 15% in some apical samples.

For industrial scale production, a dioecious field crop of FINOLA will typically have about 2-3% CBD in the dried vegetative material, and may exceed 5% in some circumstances. These results are highly dependent on the method of cultivation, the time of harvest, the type of sample that is being analyzed, and the method of analysis.

On average, in the industrial example, FINOLA can reasonably produce 1000 to 2000 kg of dried vegetative material from one hectare. With a modest recovery efficiency of 50% from vegetative material that contains 2% CBD, one could expect to achieve 10 to 20 kg of CBD per hectare in the extracted material.
  • Below 0.3% THC?: Yes

Cherry Wine -

  • THC: 0-1%
  • CBD: 19-21%
  • Seed diameter: 2.25 thick, 2.30 mm wide 3.70-4.30 long
  • 124 seeds/gram

10 grams Finola, sifted with a coarse metal mesh:

  • 3250 mg buds
  • 5746 mg discarded (seeds, and ~500 mg twigs). That's 64%, or 2/3: 5746÷(5746+3250)

Illegal strains albeit non-psychoactive

Candida (CD-1) CBD: 11-20% THC: <1% "In testing THC levels have never yet exceeded 1% and CBD levels have tested between 11% and 20% making it one of the first CBD dominant cannabis strains in history." -

Dinamed CBD Plus CBD: 15-20% THC: 0.5-1%

From MCT oil, acting as a carrier, helps CBD bypass that first pass metabolism process altogether so that more of the cannabinoids get to where they need to be to promote balance. Cannabinoids like CBD are fat soluble, so they’re most effective when consumed with saturated fats.

If you swallow and ingest your supplement, CBD must go through the digestive system and this is when MCT oil can be beneficial.

Possible interactions

Do not use MAOIs within 2 months of daily CBD consumption to avoid possible interactions?

Cannabinoids are lipophilic. For example, THC has been detected in heavy cannabis users after 77 days of drug abstinence (Ellis et al., 1985). - However, the half-life of CBD is much lower than THC.


  • Cannabis extract is a MAO-A and MAO-B inhibitor
  • CBD is a 5-HT1A agonist


  • CBD is a CYP3A4 and CYP3A5 inhibitor


A daily dosage of 15-20 mg of cannabidiol, three times a day (for example 5 mg in the morning, 5 mg in the afternoon and 5 mg in the evening) is recommended to maintain your health. Take advantage of CBDs health benefits and treat minor pains and or other medical complaints. -

From Everyday Advanced CBD Dose Titration for Adults

A starting dose of CBD for a 140-pound adult is 1.2 to 1.8 ml of oil per day to yield a daily dose of 60-90 mg of CBD. The Everyday Advanced label suggest taking .6ml (one-eighth of a teaspoon) two to three times a day, which provides 30 mg of CBD per dose.

Example: A 140-pound adult should take 70 mg of CBD daily (.5mg of CBD per pound of body weight) split over 3 doses taken with food. If desired results are not obtained and the CBD is well tolerated, you can double the dose after one week and then wait two weeks. If you again have not achieved the desired results you can go as high as 2mg/pound/day.

Autism spectrum

From the lowest dose of CBD (1 mg/kg) increased passive and total social interaction of Wistar rats.

Social interaction deficits are part of the core phenotypes of ASD while CBD has demonstrated some pro - social properties in pre - clinical studies. In addition, i n some of the most common co - morbidities of ASD such as sleep disorder, ADHD , anxiety and seizures CBD may be effective as a monotherapy or additional treatment. In other ASD co - morbidities such as psychosis, addictive behavior , mood or cognitive disorders and aggressiveness the level of evidence is low.

CBD oil Dosage for Autism From parent reports of children of 10 years and older treated with CBD, we hear that a CBD dosing of 25 mg taken twice a day is a good way to start. -

From Typically I will start a patient on 3 milligrams which is two squirts of CBD. It tends to work best if you do it at bedtime. It does have very minimal side effects. At the beginning some people do feel a little tired and spacey but that is short-lived. Bedtime is a good time to dose because the brain and the immune system do a lot of their balancing when you are in a nice deep sleep.

Typically I increase the dose by 3 milligrams weekly. Of course, everybody is different and it varies by each individual patient, but for the most part smaller patients take between 12 to 24 milligrams. Doses up to 700 milligrams a day have been studied and found to be perfectly safe.

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