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posted 623 days ago

Oh dear. There's a plus sign between the two underscores like "insufflated)_ _cannabis_)

posted 623 days ago

Sorry, the link got messed up; here's another one: _cannabis_-_Hallucinatory_Overdose

posted 623 days ago

Could you approve my edits to my experience report on meth? It's the most detailed one I can find anywhere. _cannabis_-_Hallucinatory_Overdose

Could you also approve the latest informative edits to the substance page for meth which include my detailed experience report? I'm trying to drastically improve harm reduction for this substance.


posted 687 days ago

excluding mirtazapine as being paychedelic would exclude efavirenz too as it's also believed to be psychedelic and deliriant. and 2C-B which i believe in just one study also being a 5-HT2BR antagonits (tho being a true psychedelic tho)

There are other overlaps like phenibut and baclofen which are both gabaergics and VDCC. Having some comcounds listed twice isn't that big of a problem.

As for sigmaergics i totally agree, i just transferred the list to a page inatead (and in the meanwhile just added a "sigmaergic" panel title with no (possible a select few?) examles. I wouldn't know where else to put it.

Sorry for the circumstances i hope we could clear this up with a compromise or good examplanation.

With best regards^^

posted 695 days ago

hey Tracer

Thanks for correcting me on various edits I've made on List/Substances.

But would you be open to the idea of making sigmaergics a group that is collapsed by default? It does kinda have a reason to be included in List/Subatances since it's just a list of drugs that bind to sigma receptors. Just like we have Gaba-a-alpha1 agonists, Gabapentinoids, opioids, etc.

Otherwise, my second idea is that we just move the list to a page titled sigmaergics or something.

Also, mirtazapine could be considered a psychedelic since it has deliriant AND psychedelic effects, at least a few that real psychedelic produce (geometry, color changes...)

With best regards

posted 1642 days ago

Hi Tracer, please make sure you are including edit summaries for your edits. They are strictly required. Thanks.

posted 1642 days ago

Edit summaries are mandatory but prevented from JS blockers.

posted 1642 days ago

No, nothing is required of you. I don't know what language you speak, but we have someone who speaks German. You're welcome to drop by and check it out and can leave any time you'd like. Totally up to you.

posted 1644 days ago

Hi Tracer. Just wanted to thank you for your recent contributions to the wiki. I've been reviewing and approving them and they look good. Keep up the great work! :)

posted 1645 days ago

2C-B has been used as a modern entheogen, please see