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October 9th

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I'm a former software engineer who had never had what I would call a significantly interesting chemically-enhanced experience... until a few months ago, when an odd chain of events led me to toy with 3-MeO-PCP.

To short circuit the rambling narrative that I feel coming: the 3meo was the most frightening and fascinating thing I had ever felt, and I discovered that there was little documentation to be found online that rationally tried to explain shared waymarkers. Everything was either too clinical or too 'spiritual', and psychonautwiki has filled that lacuna. Ego-death is now a fairly well-defined concept for me, a reference-point on the experiential spectrum.

Because of this, I plan on hanging around, pretty much just to learn but contributing if I can (which I doubt will happen: it's been years since I've so much as proof-read a journal article or anything else, and I'm not comfortable with my atrophied writing skills).

I also happen to be a haphazard and wild butcher of language; forgive me if you can.

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posted 2718 days ago

welcome to the site <3