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On this page, I'm displaying informative texts that I've written in the past, but of which I don't know where to post them on this website. I will only place those texts of which I think that they could be valuable to the community here.

Percentages (Salts):

The maximum purity of a freebase chemical is always 100%. When in salt form, however, this percentage is different. The explaination is quite simple, shown by this example:

Amphetamine (135.21 g/mol) is sold as the Sulphate (96.06 g/mol) salt, which due to it's double negative charge, can hold 2 Amphetamine molecules in the salt structure. Resulting in a total molecular mass of (2 × 135.21) + (1 × 96.06) = 366.43 g/mol. Therefore, the maximum percentage of Amphetamine is 270.42 / 366.43 × 100 = 73.80%. Methamphetamine (149.24 g/mol) is sold as the Hydrochloride (36.46 g/mol) salt, which can only hold 1 Methamphetamine molecule in the salt structure. Same steps: 149.24 + 36.46 = 185.70 g/mol, 149.24 / 185.70 × 100 = 80.37%.

When dosing a substance, keep in mind this difference in percentage, based on form.

Washing Away Cuts:

If you know your drug is cut with something and know what this something is, you can use the physical properties to filter the cuts from the drug. Most commonly used would be solubility in different solvents.

For example, to wash caffeine from amphetamine sulfate, you can use (anhydrous!) acetone, which dissolves caffeine, but not the speed. By simply pouring the mixture on a coffee filter, the ampetamine is left on top and the acetone with caffeine goes through. Let the any leftover acetone in the speed evaporate and it's done.

From the top of my head, levamisol can be filtered from cocaine with chloroform, but more easily you can 'clean' cocaine by turning it into freebase (and back if you want.)

Nasal Spray:

After using for a long time I came across inconveniences and solutions. My favorite of which, the (meth)amphetamine nasal spray. Here's a guide to make your own. First of all, you'll need a spray bottle. You can either purchase an empty, easily refillable one or buy a saline solution spray. If you choose the second choice, the bottle most likely won't have a screw cap, so be sure to examine if the top is removable at all. If it is, the easiest way to pop it open is by using a bottle opener, like this one: Aluminium%2Bflesopener-00.jpg Image source:

If you have an open spray bottle, empty it if not yet empty and fill it with a measured amount of water. (eg. 10mL) Put the top back on and count how many sprays you can get out of it until it's empty. Repeat this step and use the average for a more precise dosing.

For the solution there are 2 types to choose from and an optional addition. You could make (1) a solution with only meth in it or (2) a solution with meth and some salt added. Both having its own advantage and disadvantage. Optionally, you could add a sweetener, like sorbitol, to make it taste a bit better. (500mg sorbitol would be plenty for 10mL solution)


  • (1) The lack of salt will create a favourable osmotic pressure, causing a higher absorbance.
  • (2) The salt will act as a decongestant, so you won't have a clogged nose.

The choice is yours. When adding salt, never add more than 9mg / mL. I'd recommend just 4mg / mL or so, to reduce it's influence on the absorption rate. (Bioavailability)

All choices made, except for one, your dosing. Especially for the first time, I'd recommend to not make a lot of solution, since you might not like the method and it's a bitch to get the meth out again. Read this first, before actually making the solution, as I'm explaining that in the next paragraph. Let's say you used 10mL to determine the amount of sprays and got 90 sprays out of that. A simple calculation (10 / 90) would tell you each spray consists of 0.111mL. Meth is freely soluble in water, so you won't have to worry about it not dissolving when adding too much, but you just need to decide what dose you'd like. Dissolving 1 gram of meth, would get you 100mg / mL and 11.11mg per spray. 1.5g meth > 16.67mg /spray and so on.

To make the solution, get some water boiling and let it cool down. Put the desired contents and amounts, chosen from the description above, in the empty bottle and add the amount of distilled water prefered. Add the cap and shake it for a while to mix everything properly. Always shake before use for optimal effect.