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Princess of the Hyperspatial Kingdom. dmt entities and machine elves would live there. they'd have jobs where they wait in rooms for people to trip on psychedelics and come the other side. will need more staff on bicycle day. buildings and objects would be made out of condensed geometry

everything would be constantly melting and shit xD everything would have psychedelic effects happening as if you are breaking through dmt entities would do the administration like filing taxes to get the kingdom running properly machine elves should be like animals and kept as pets princess zenny needs to look trippy in appearance

Zenny's castle:

  • [15:16:43] Oskykins Wilde: first floor: colors enhanced, enhancements TESTING
  • [15:16:54] Oskykins Wilde: second floor: enhancements and distortions
  • [15:17:23] Oskykins Wilde: third floor: enhancements, distortions, and geometry
  • [15:18:08] Oskykins Wilde: top would be "dome of dmt" made out of geometry and the real trippy shit goes down. govenors and princess bedroom are here
  • [15:18:28] Oskykins Wilde: fourth floor: strong imagery + sub breakthrough
  • [15:18:50] Oskykins Wilde: 5th floor: complete breakthrough and higher level hallucinations (partially defined breakthroughs)
  • [15:19:16] Oskykins Wilde: 6th floor: fully defined breakthroughs and there'd be 8A or 8B geometry for some people
  • [15:20:32] Oskykins Wilde: 7th floor: ego death, unity, and all spiritual states + fully defined breakthroughs
  • [15:20:42] Oskykins Wilde: all floors have previous effects as well

Mindscapes visualization help

  • Kaytoo | There are two approaches to generating a mindscape. The first is active the second is passive. I tend to use more of the latter. Imagine yourself in a different place then look around, thinking and describing what you see. Your tulpa can describe it too. I used to do a fun game where is set a time line 5 minutes, lie down and tell your brain to generate a random place then explore
  • Kaytoo | I've had some dream like plot driven crazy adventures
  • Kaytoo | XD
  • Kaytoo | Or you can choose a place from memory to visit, which will be easy for your brain to generate
  • Kaytoo | Since I am prone to vivid hallucinations through lots of practice, I've used generating a memory of a place to remember certain details about it I wouldn't have otherwise remembered consciously