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I have taken LSD three times before. The first time I took 150ug and experienced nothing significant besides mild visual distortions. The second time, I took 300ug and became the universe and all of creation; I felt my atoms connect me directly to the big bang as though the history of the universe was contained within my physical body and was completely at one with and interwined with its ongoing process. The third time, i took 300ug and experienced brief ego death, anxiety, and delusions.

For this trip, I decided to take 600ug of LSD to celebrate Bicycle Day, the day that Albert Hofmann first intentionally tripped on the drug. As for the setting, I was in my apartment alone.

I dosed at 11PM and felt the first effects 30 minutes later. I was watching Cosmos featuring Tyson and his dialogue made me feel deeply emotional. The LSD caused my pinched nerve pain to get worse, so I decided to do some yoga to stretch the area out and gain relief.