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Substance Source Circumstance (total dose / duration) Consequences
PCP Bluelight thread title 1 gram over 3 days Shit got fucked up
etc etc etc etc

not recommended to combine with psychedelics due to risk of psychosis highly addictive do not combine with stims

"Warning: Do not exceed the recommended dosage range! If you read this thread you will realize the numerous demonstrations of psychotic delirium, amnesia, mania, various kinds of misbehavior and other serious consequences of abuse. Preferably use this substance orally (it seems to be effective and reliable that way, and your dosage will match those you read about better - and is imo for these reasons safer), slowly work your way up to about 10 mg, and only after considerable experience / expertise proceed to maybe 15 mg, with SMALL STEPS.

Your previous experience with other drugs does not give you any protection against the sudden increase in manic / psychosis-like risk above certain dosages. Do not think you can treat it like MXE or ketamine. And most certainly never eyeball it!"

  • " This stuff is really really nice. By far the closes thing to real pcp. Tread with caution I did this like 5 days in a row trying to replace k/mxe and have already developed a small psychosis and still having decently strong effects like 3 days after last use which is akin to real pcp. Extremely moreish very tempted to do more."
  • "yeah go easy on this one. i have done up to 50mg(very high tolerance) in a night without problem. But once I got totaly schizo-paranoind after 1 night without sleep with mxe and did 3meo(cant remembre how much but atleast 20mg) in the morningn and though my neibghours planted a bomb in my radio, and then thought i saw a sniper on the roof oposite my building etc. Crazy shit this is not mxe its very strong you don;t know it till its too late.."
  • "A friend of mine woke up in the E.R from taking 50mg of this stuff."
  • "I would be reluctant to combine this drug, or redose it, because there are reports of people going absolutely coocoo for a while when doing so. This drug is very much like PCP and that includes the possibility of suddenly being overwhelmed by utter bizarreness."
  • "And really, that's the only way I can describe it. the energy that 3-meo-pcp brings to MXE is just Schitzo. MXE makes me a little manic but 3-meo-pcp brings MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNNNIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIAAAAA AAAAAAAA. and i don't mean that in a bad way...yet. it was actually really fun having this schitzo edge to everything, there was nothing dark or sinister about it. there was weird piano music playing in the background (hallucination) the whole time and it just made everything seem so unreal. it was fun playing with the idea that i was completely bonkers, hearing shit out of nowhere." and "cannabis potentiates dissociatives to an alarming degree, if you haven't noticed. I started getting more and more confused, something i'm very familiar with from MXE and cannabis but this was heading down-hill quickly. i started stumbling a little and had to stop to "find my bearings". then in a flash it descended on me: full blown Pathologically-Insane-Schitzo-Break-From-Reality. this was not MXE. this was not cannabis. yes, they helped. but oh my GOD...."
  • "These compounds induce such profound manic craziness when abused enough, that I'm almost shitting my pants just thinking about it,"
  • " low doses of this stuff are pretty divine and controllable, but high doses start to be a lot more akin to a deliriant trip. "
  • Post from an admin of bluelight: "The combination of this and unusual amounts of stress/sleep dep/etc put me in the hospital for a week+ So play fucking careful with this stuff kiddies. (Voices of a certain FnB are ringing in my head re: this whole event...) Remember it bioaccumulates. And remember that you can easily have a fucking fugue state on the stuff. Scary it is waking up in the ICU after sitting down to do some BL and gaming. Not going to elaborate any more on this, but just saying, some of the best have been burned by this shit so be careful"

In some cases, it results in hospitalization and occasionally takes up to a week or more to resolve.[1][2][3][4]


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