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asked dream character are you conscious and aware?

he said something about wincing and that i wouldnt understand

i asked him if dream characters were aware of the dream above thema nd that they are in a dream

he said they were all aware of the dream above them and that they were playing a part ina dream

i asked him if dream charcaters lie and amke things up

he told me they all lie and mak things up

we were about to perform a test, i would look around a corner he couldnt see and ask him what was round it. if he he could answer accurately then he had knowledge of the dream system which extended beyond his basic senses. i woke up before we could concludde the experiment.

had another dream shortly after

i asked them to guess the number of fingers i was holding behind my back (0)

the DC couldn't guess accurately better than a regular person irl could

i tried this with another DC and the same results

toward the end of the dream i asked "wait dont you guys lie and make things up so could be pretending not to know?"

they laughed manically with an evil grin and the dream ended