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The Encyclopedia Psychonautica

by Josie Kins, Jennifer Kins, Kaylee Skye and friends

    • cover
    • logo
    • disclaimer
    • contents
    • intro
    • psychonautics
    • subjective effects index
    • lucid dreamming
    • meditation
    • drugs
      • how drugs work
      • responsible use
      • trip sitters guide
      • dosage/duration
      • psychedelics
        • psychedelic pharmacology and chemistry
        • list of psys
      • dissociatives
        • dissociative pharmacology and chemistry
        • list of dissos
      • atypical hallucinogens
      • stimulants
        • stimulant pharmacology and chemistry
        • list of stims
        • mitigating comedowns and other dangers
      • depressants
        • list of depressants
        • Respiratory depression and other dangers
      • experience reports (include analysis)
    • tulpas
    • prologue
    • thanks
    • index


The psychonaut fields will have a system within their effect list which puts a number such as (42a) directly next to it so one can quickly flick to that and read the component. since hyper links dont work in books