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A story worth noting: I discovered last year that I am part of a statistic of individuals with bipolar disorder where THC strains of cannabis causes worsening of symptoms. While I read the literature and specific papers warning of this, I ignored it. I did not realize this until many months in that I severely suffered, and narrowly missed having to go to a hospital because of it.

While I am a firm believer that those with mental illness can trip and even benefit from it, there are times where those with mental illness can not. If your body and mind starts to tell you you're not ok, listen to it.

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Trips I've taken: THC, Psilocybin, DMT, LSD, Mescaline, 2C-B

Trips I'd like to take: 2C-I, 2C-P.

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May 19th


Not far off from a PhD.

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I am a classically trained synthetic organic chemist. I'm very scientifically literate. Analytical by nature, but rooted in the subjective. I am also fascinated by the inner space and the human condition. Psychonautics for me, is a match made in heaven. My love of chemistry came about when I was just a child, but I became fascinated with organic chemistry when I learned of periodic trends, and when I read Go Ask Alice sophomore year of high school. Discovering Erowid was enthralling. I was terrifed and transfixed, but knew one day that I would join that world. Years later in college, I had my first trip on mushrooms, and finally got a glimpse of this fascinating chemistry.

I'm here to hopefully add some more technical and scientific knowledge (particularly on the chemistry side of things). Both from what I've learned over many years, and some from personal experience. I can act as a translater of scientific publications.

I wish I could be more detailed but I must maintain my anonymity here.

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posted 2703 days ago

Just search for article you are looking to create, then

"There were no results matching the query.

Create the page "Increased bodily temerpature" on this wiki!"