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Skype: l_humbert, add away

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Paul Thomas Anderson, Coen brothers, and Kubrick are my true loves, but anything that tends to my pretentious intellectual desires, while also managing to keep my ridiculously short attention span in line with entertainment, is good. Upstream Color and Eyes Wide Shut are my faves forever.


Too much. Condensed: Breaking Bad, Neon Genesis Evangelion, and Arrested Development. I am the Hipster.


Swans, Death Grips (my username is a combination of their songs Hustle Bones and Hacker), and deadmau5 are the top three, but I listen to a whole metric ton of stuff.


Joyce is my favourite prose writer, but who's my real favourite writer is Arto Melleri, a Finnish poet. I'm working on translating some of his best ones right now.

Video games

Portal, city builders, and lots of RPGs.

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Anton Tokola




March 7th


I work at Unemployment & Sons


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I'm Anton, and I've been a truly long-time supporter of both the wiki and the blog it sprouted from. I'm a 20 year old guy all the way from Finland, with a lot of experience with all kinds of substances, and years of hobby-level on-off studying of pharmacological topics.

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posted 3418 days ago

Hey there Anton!!!! Welcome to the site, its great to hear from someone who has been reading for so long. <333