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About me

I have only had two full blown permanent healing experiences and they were in alert state where I first had a full blown kundalini rising and healed a friend on another occasion. God is the mind in its purest form for me. I later started to experience samadhi (feels like small DMT experiences) in my dreams which usually happen a few times every month, they are my subconsciousness healing sessions and they help me stay strong in this world. With that said, I'm not a recreational drug user at all so I don't use alcohol nor nicotine for example, and I don't want to be addictive by anything so I'm careful on caffeine as well. I've been sober for 4 years. I have experimented with lots of different drug families (until I landed in entheogens) but I've never had any heavy drug dependency. However, I've lost old friends that got stuck in substance dependence, I will never spend time with people that develop substance dependence again.

I owned and that's all I use: Psychedelic drugs in combinations with spiritual practices, or microdosing in daily life. I have nothing against synthetic chemicals or drug injection because that is just a route of administration for me that can be useful to perform clinical evaluation for pilot studies. I wrote most part of the Wikipedia article Entheogen and the only reason why I'm writing about alcohol, ketamine, and other drugs that can cause dependency here on PsychonautWiki is to make clear that they are controversial entheogens.

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