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I have to seriously question the dosage information given on this page. 10 mg is not a heavy dose: even when I am opioid-naive in my tolerance, I generally take 20 mg of U-47700 and consider that tame. When tolerance builds over a 24 hour binge, doses of 150+ mg are perfectly fine with almost no respiratory depression.

Hi there, thanks for the comment. We have not gotten any other reports of our dosage being wrong and know trusted users who have personally weighed out U-47700 and confirmed our dosage is correct. Until we get more reports, I'm going to play it safe and keep the dosage as is due to the risk of death by overdose. Perhaps your product is cut with something and is therefore less potent or you just have a naturally high tolerance, etc.

--Oskykins (talk) 01:26, 24 August 2016 (UTC)